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Rosti. Medjool. Boozey Tiramisu. Jack McCarthy Blackpudding All on the menu at Jacques where local gets an international twist.

Rosti. Medjool. Boozey Tiramisu. Jack McCarthy Blackpudding

All on the menu at Jacques where local gets an international twist.

Rosti featured on my lunch plate at the welcoming Jacques Restaurant in the centre of Cork City last week. I think the first time I came across the Swiss speciality was in Zurich in 2007, during a dinner at the Movenpic Airport Hotel. 

The hotel meal was Rosti and veal in a mushroom sauce and it was very enjoyable. That Rosti came flat from the pan and covered half the plate. But the Jacques version was in a high-sided wedge shape. And it was excellent as was everything else during our pleasant interlude.

It was lunchtime and in some ways, the Cork Rosti had aspects of a brunch dish based solidly, of course, on local produce. The Potato Rosti came with soft-boiled eggs, hollandaise, slaw and a choice of Jacques Ham, Portobello Mushroom or Jack McCarthy’s Black Pudding (13.90). I never turn down a chance to eat McCarthy’s and that was my pick and the ensemble was a wondered mix of textures and flavours, everything perfect, including that finely chopped slaw.

It was well cooked, well presented and brought to the table at just the perfect temperature as was the case with our other mains, the eye-catching Smoked Mackerel Salad, roast beetroot, pickled egg, horseradish, watercress and crisp bread (14.90). Another combination to get the taste buds excited, with that pickled egg a tasty feature.

The Jacques Lunch menu allows the punter to construct his or her meal in a number of ways. For instance, you can pick from the selection of Nibbles: Marinated Olives, Salted Almonds, or a Selection of dips, crusty bread and sourdough crackers.

You could follow that up with your choice of small plate: Soup, Roast Beetroot and Beetroot Borani with Cashel Blue crumb etc; Arancini (West Cork Crab, Salsa verde) and a few more. 

Perhaps you’d like to share a board. They have a Meat and Cheese Board (includes Ham Hock Terrine and Drunken Figs) or go for the Cheese Board (Coolea, Durrus, Cashel and more Drunken Figs!).

Our two dishes came from the Big Plates. And there were quite a few others to pick from including a tempting Chicken, Leek and Mushroom pie; Steamed Mussels; Fresh Fish ’n Chips; and a Root Vegetable Makhani with rice Pilaf. A little list of sides also available from which we picked the Twice Cooked Chips to share.

Sometime last year, we missed out on the legendary Boozey Tiramisu here. It wasn’t going to happen on this occasion. And we shared one (7.50). I don’t know what booze they use but the moist dessert was made with generous hands and every bit as good as anticipated!

We’ve had some versions of the dates and blood orange dessert here too over the years and one of those was also ordered, also 7.50. The Blood Oranges, Medjool Dates stuffed with Mascarpone, with Pomegranate and flaked Almonds was another winner. The tangy citrus of the oranges goes so well with the soft flesh and mildly rich and pleasing flavours of the Medjool.

Also available were Chocolate and Salted Caramel Tart and Caramelised Apples, Vanilla Ice Cream and Hazelnut Praline. Next time!

And Jacques is a great place to chat and hear what is going on around town. Culinary Chairs! Who is on the move from one restaurant/café to another? From Lancaster Quay to MacCurtain Street. From that street to Bridge Street. And from Bridge Street to MacCurtain Street.  And there’s someone on the move too from Oliver Plunkett Street to a happy retirement! Some of those moves are already made of course.

To stay up to date with Jacques  (menus, opening times and more), click their Facebook posts here.

Union Quay - ready for outside dining!

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