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Koto Lunch Fills You With That Come Back Again Feeling

Koto Lunch Fills You With

 That Come Back Again Feeling

Yaki Soba, with chicken

Was in town last Friday for lunch. Looking for something different, I remembered previous meals in Koto and that was where we ended up.Very happily, as it turned out.

I also remember previous occasions in the building, particularly when it was known as Gambieni’s. We were regulars here for their Italian cuisine, counting Pollo alla Piccata (light tangy lemon sauce) and Pollo alla Romano (a tomato based sauce) among our favourites.

Plenty of chicken there now also but under a different cuisine. Jeffrey Safar Hamidi, son of the Gambieni owner, opened Koto as an Asian restaurant in 2017 and has now a solid 5 years behind him. 

Gambieni’s itself had been replaced by the popular Aroi, also Asian cuisine, but an unfortunate fire was one factor in halting Aroi’s Cork march. Aroi continues strongly in Limerick and there is also an outlet in Kilkenny.

Anyhow, back to Carey’s Lane. They have a terrific helpful staff in Koto, on the ball, checking every now and then without being at your shoulder all meal long. Good at front of house and pretty good in that kitchen as well as was soon confirmed after a warm welcome.

Teriyaki Chicken stir fry

There is a huge choice here, so much so that they have a short list, a handy list, of Koto favourites. The main dishes are divided under various headings: Curry, Noodles, Stir Fry, Soups, Salads, and there is also a section of sides.

There are eight starters, including a couple of vegetarian. We guessed from previous experience that the mains would be sufficiently large enough for us this lunchtime.

CL picked hers from the Favourites. It was the Yaki Soba Organic buckwheat noodles, Koto spices, mixed veg, egg, sesame, pickled ginger, crispy onions; her choice of meat was Chicken (17.5); other options were Tiger Prawns (18) or  Tofu (17.5). I got plenty of "samples" from this plate and it was really excellent, enhanced by all the bits and pieces including the ginger and the mild house spices. No wonder it is on the Favourites.

My order was for a stir fry: Teriyaki Chicken stir fry, onions, scallions, peppers, carrots, sesame - jasmine rice (17.50). I could have had Tofu instead of the chicken. Amazing aromas and flavours here, thought I was in foodie heaven. Very Highly Recommended if you get the chances. And I scored on the double as non-Favourite dishes attract a weekday discount and my dish was reduced to €13.90. How about that?

Sticky Toffee

We weren’t all that keen on dessert but decided to splash the savings on a shared Sticky Toffee Pudding, one of the better ones of the type as it turned out! 

Back to the menus. They offer a Vegan Menu, a Gluten Free Menu and a Children’s Menu (some special kiddies dishes but they will also do half portions of most of their adult dishes). 

A bit too early for us to go on the alcohol but they have no shortage of drinks here including wines (almost all available by the glass), cocktails, spirits, beer and soft drinks. No Irish craft beer though but Irish tea (Barry’s) and coffee (Maher’s) are on the list.

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