Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Bay Lough in The Vee in the beautiful Knockmealdown Mountains

 Bay Lough in The Vee in the beautiful Knockmealdown Mountains

Bay Lough is a Corrie lake formed by glaciers during the Ice Age.
More details below on photo of sign by the lake. If you are coming from Lismore, as we were after brunch at The Bakers Table (recommended) and as you approach the vee (the gap in the mountains) you will see a fairly large car park on your left. A firm stony path takes you down to the lake. I didn't time it but I'd say 15 minutes will see you by the water. The path goes on at the near side and up to a higher point diagonally opposite to where you first came in. It is up to yourself how far to walk - just remember you have to come back. We continued the drive, came down to Clogheen, then through Ballyporeen and into Mitchelstown and onto Cork. We used the R639 but obviously the motorway is also available and that bit faster and the toll of €1.90 is hardly prohibitive. And, of course, you may also do this trip in reverse, the way I've done mostly over the years. Last Sunday (March 6th 2022) was one of the best days up there in the mountains.
Before or after, why not call to Lismore's Bakers Table for Brunch? Details here.

Continue your walk along the path on the right.

Getting close

Amazing day. Walk along the path to the right and it will take to the rise
on the left.

The view on the way down

A short video of Bay Lough

Views from the Vee area, mainly out over the Golden Vale. The Vee, it seems, can refer to the gap in the mountains and to the hairpin bend on the road here.

Taken at the start of the walk down to the lake

Took this photo, well before we got to the car park on the left.

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