Saturday, February 5, 2022

Mardyke Area Walk. Shaky Bridge - Fitzgerald's Pk - Banks of the Lee Walk - St Vincent's Bridge - Mardyke Parade - return to Shay Bridge

 Mardyke Area Walk

Shaky Bridge - Fitzgerald's Park - Banks of the Lee Walk - North Mall - St Vincent's Bridge - Mardyke Parade - Fitzgerald's Park - return to Shaky Bridge

Sunday January 30th, 2022.

Cork Public Museum (left), Bandstand, Lord Mayor's Pavilion (distant centre)

Street art on a utility box

Shaky Bridge (close) and, below, from the Sky Garden in Fitzgerald's Park

Shaking bridge! Or was it my hand

Bike, across the River Lee from Fitzgerald's Park

In the Park: Girl Dancer by Oisin Kelly.

Natural sculpture

The relatively new Mardyke Bridge
could badly do with some TLC

Signs of Spring on the walk, approaching the North Mall

Mural on sidewall of Filipino café (Sensei) on Dyke Parade.

Hints of  Orient: Structures in Fitzgerald's Park, above & below.

Fitzgerald's Park bandstand with Lord Mayor's Pavilion in background.

Ducks go bottom up

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