Taste of the Week. Mixed Berry Compote with Tullamore Dew

Taste of the Week
Mixed Berry Compote with Tullamore Dew

Picked up this Mixed Berry Compote by The Scullery during a visit some time ago to Tullamore Dew. Didn’t get around to using it until recently and now this Tipperary produced compote is our Taste of the Week.

It is handmade in Nenagh by Florrie of The Scullery and the berries include cranberries, blackberries, strawberries and blackcurrant. Sugar, apples, orange juice, and spices are added along with an infusion of the famous Tullamore Dew!

It is terrific stuff, delicious with porridge, natural yogurts and smoothies. They also suggest using it with cold meats and cheese. I thought to myself that it would be good with Rice Pudding. And it is. A divine match - Taste of the Week.

Check out the visit to Tullamore Dew here.
Info on The Scullery products can be found on their webpage or email florrie@thescullery.ie