Hook & Ladder Delivers Satisfaction

Hook & Ladder Delivers Satisfaction
Tuna galore!

So, you’ve just visited the Hunt Museum or done a rake of shopping and are looking for a good lunch in the middle of Limerick City. Well, you could do worse than call to Hook & Ladder in Sarsfield Street.

Quite a menu here, featuring some fantastic produce from around Munster, including Gubbeen, Arbutus Bread, St Tola, Rigney's Farm and M & D Bakery Waterford and more.

The building is also a shop, selling home accessories (lamps, for instance), and there is a busy cookery school here with a great variety of classes. The formula proved successful in Waterford and has spread to Limerick with two other outlets in the city.


The cafe was quite busy when we called for lunch recently but it has lots of space, both on the ground floor and in the basement. So we were soon seated and checking out the menu. With a dinner booked for later on, I gave the starters a skip.

Went through the list of sandwiches, burgers, quiches, even a curry, before settling on one of the salads: Salad Nicoise (Ortiz tuna, semi sun dried tomatoes, olives, boiled egg, romaine rocket & red wine vinegarette). It was a quite a large one, with a very generous amount of tuna on the plate. Enjoyed it all though, every little tasty bit.

We had a discussion before dessert. Very necessary as they have about a  dozen listed - they bake here every day. We could have had anything from a Blueberry and Poppy Seed Muffin to a Chocolate Fudge Cake and Chocolate Ganache. Our choice was closer to the top end, a gorgeous Strawberry and White Chocolate Meringue Roulade that we shared and enjoyed with a couple of cups of decent coffee.


Enjoyed our break at this friendly cafe with its many decorations including a large olive tree in the middle of the floor and an arrangement of upside down flower-pots on the ceiling. All in all, a good place for food (they also do breakfast here) and Highly Recommended.

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7 Sarsfield Street


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