Monday, March 21, 2016

Taste of the Week. Kilmichael Goats Cheese

Taste of the Week
Kilmichael Goats Cheese

It comes in simple packaging. Just a round label on top and a wrap of cellophane. But there is a little beauty inside and it is our Taste of the Week. Kilmichael Soft Goats Cheese is made in Terelton, near Macroom, by Brian and Ann Bond. I came across this one in the Fresh from West Cork Cabinet in Bradley’s, North Main Street, Cork, but you will find it in quite a few Farmers Markets as well.

The cheese is made from raw milk, from their mixed herd. It is soft and creamy, as you might imagine, but full of flavour too. And yet the balance of flavour is such that a beginner to goats cheese won't be put off and still there’s enough there to keep you more then happy if you indulge in these cheeses regularly.

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