World's best hotdog in Cork?

Chowzter is looking for nominations for world's best hotdogs. This can include any encased meats including but not limited to hotdogs, sausages, chorizo, frankfurts, etc. No chains!

Who makes the best one locally? Cork City and County, even Munster. Is it in a restaurant or at a street cart?

Send a few juicy details of your favourite to me at and I will put them into the Chowzter mix.

Some suggestions from across the world!

Mijune Pak 

It's not "the best", but it's iconic and one of Vancouver's "claim to fame" foods. The Japadog (Japanese inspired hot dog). 
Kurobuta Terimayo Japadog

I don't know if this is too "white tablecloth" for the site, but Diva at The Met in Vancouver has a $17 Diva Corn Dog made of sweetbread, bone marrow, truffle and foie gras.

I nominate the tokebi hotdog in Korea. It is a breaded and double fried hotdog encrusted with crinkled French fries.

For something different there's a great hot dog place in Iceland 

If you're ever in Bristol, try Grillstock's "hog dog" - handmade hot dogs with pit smoked pulled pork, fry sauce and jalapeƱos - amazing!

in Italy, in Milan, the best "hot dog" is "Mangiari di strada", a typical hot dog with Meraner Siebenforcher, sauerkraut and mustard.


Bill King said…
Not from Cork but Trealy Farm Smoked Monmouthshire Sausage is THE best Dog sausage ever. Local award winning charcuterie business. Combined with a good smear of warm boudin noir the Bloodhound is an amazing dog.
Cork Billy said…
Thanks, Bill. I've picked up a link for that and will throw it in to the Chowzter mix.