Fresco Value and Variety

Fresco Value and Variety

Spent a pleasant interlude yesterday in the Fresco Bistro and was once again reminded of the excellence of the place in terms of variety and value. With the college “populating” itself again, the restaurant was busy enough for lunch but deserves to be better known and better supported.

There is terrific value here, quality too of course, as one would not be much good without the other. Almost all the specials on the board were under a tenner. Just the day before, I had a very ordinary carvery Roast of the Day (Bacon) in a suburban pub; meat and veg were fine but the potatoes were rock hard and it cost €12.99. Not great quality and no great value there. That dish would end up at the bottom if put in competition against anything at Fresco.

The variety at the Glucksman restaurant was underlined when we got a plate full of hot tapas and two glasses of wine, all part of a discount scheme now reaching its conclusion. The tapas are not a regular item on the menu and we had to ring in advance.

We enjoyed a brilliant selection, all with an Asian touch: chicken, pork, beef, calamari, fish, prawns and more. They came with three brilliant sauces, sauces that didn’t come out of a bottle: Satay, Sweet chilli and Raita.

I had been looking at the dessert specials on and off during the tapas and couldn’t leave without trying. We picked the Mixed Berry Tart (€4.00) and Jamaican Rum Banana and Fruit Tart (€5.00). Had a half of each and, hours later, I’m still very contented!

So well done to Brian and Chef Kash along with their very pleasant and efficient staff. Keep up the very good work and hope to see you all again soon.

Mixed Berry Tart