Chateau Miraval and some name-dropping

Chateau Miraval Terre Blanche, Côtes de Provence, 2009, 15%, Curious Wines (€22.00)

Glad to say I was really pleased with this purchase, bought solely to further my knowledge of the wines of Provence!

Colour is a clean looking pale honey and the nose is aromatic and pleasant. In the mouth, it is rich, round, creamy, complex and very long, exotic flavours are released in little “waves”,  hints of vanilla, even sweetness from time to time but this lovely wine is very close to dry. Close to perfection also.

Its story is rather unusual. You’ll have noticed the highish ABV but the bottle doesn't tell you that this made from one hundred per cent Rolle. It also has an Ecocert, meaning that it is an organic wine.

Miraval is home to one of the most fantastic recording studios in the world and several major artists have recorded there including The Cure, Sting and Pink Floyd. Hence their wine named 'Pink Floyd', in honour of Pink Floyd who recorded part of their album "The Wall" at Studio Miraval. Could be confusing if they call one after the Cranberries!

And I could go on. Could mention Brad and Angie...but will leave that pleasure to you. Just click here 

Putting this straight into my list of top 2011 wines.


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