BRADLEY'S of North Main Street

Bradley's of North Main Street  started life in 1850, as a dairy. A big treat for the ladies at the time was a glass of fresh cream.

Now the shop is well known both as a specialist off-licence and convenience/grocery store. The business may have changed but the treats go on, the latest coming from a group of artisans, most if not all members of Good Food Ireland.

Here today, you can still find a tub of cream and other mouth-watering temptations on the shelves include the ice cream handmade by Baldwins of Waterford  and the well known Seymour Biscuits of Bandon

You might start the day with a choice of granola, either that by Paddy's O'Granola or Wexford’s Staple Diet Breakfast Granola. A cup of coffee? Take home a carton by Fermoy’s Badger and Dodo

Beside, you can spice up your life with Relish and Chutneys by Janet's Country Fayre, G’s Homemade Jams and Relishes , Rebel Chilli Sauces and the famous Ballymaloe Relish . No problem then finding something to go with the Carrigaline Farmhouse Cheeses.

 Bradley’s carry the most extensive range of wines, beers, spirits and liqueurs available in Cork.  “That’s right," says the store's ever present Michael Creedon. “Apart from the brands you expect to find in a quality off-licence, we also carry those you just can’t find anywhere else!   Furthermore, if we don’t stock what you are looking for, we also specialise in sourcing your requests.”

“Maybe you are looking for a wine for your wedding, or that special bottle for a big occasion.  Possibly a chocolate stout is more to your taste, or an after dinner Limoncello.  Whatever it might be, look no further! Next time you are in Cork, please feel free to visit us and browse our shelves.  And if you can’t carry it home, nationwide delivery can be arranged.”