If you have taken your first steps in wine and want to go a little, just a little, deeper, then you may interested in one (maybe two) of the pair I picked up at a bargain price in Eason’s of Patrick Street yesterday.

As if I didn't have enough weight on me already, having called to Bradley’s in North Main Street earlier to stock up on drinks. Now, I had the books to go with them.

First is the World Encyclopaedia of Wine, over 250 pages for €2.99, and this edition was published in 2010 so is pretty much up to date. It takes you on a well illustrated tour of the world’s wine regions, fills you in on the top 12 varieties. Loads of practical advice and the photographs are excellent.

Some marvellous photos, plus maps, in the other book, the 240 page Wine Basics. That too covers the main wine-producing areas as well as individual vineyards and grape varieties and was published in 2009. Like the other book, it cost just 2.99 and its original UK price was £12.99.

It has some very practical advice. One for instance refers to Viognier and says this wine should always be drunk young. I know that and knew it when I bought an older one the other day. I was looking for a Viognier and once I saw the variety I didn't pay enough attention to the rest of the info on the bottle.

Mistake. The colour was a darkish (should have been light) yellow, too dark and lacking the clean shine of youth. The nose was aromatic enough and it didn’t wear well on the palate. Flattering a little to deceive but unable to disguise that it was past its drink-by date. Disappointing: Domaine Montrose Viognier Vin de Pays d'Oc 2006, 12.5%, €10.94.

You won’t be rushing out to buy that Viognier but you may have to hurry if you want the books as there weren’t many copies on the shelf.