It's the money, Honey


Getting confused with honey, the stuff that comes in a jar.

Tasted quite a few this past year or more and really can’t taste that much of a difference. And yet the prices vary widely. My most recent purchase was a 340gm of Deise Honey which cost €6.95. It had a fine taste but so do had the others, such as John Martin’s and Molaga, so why the huge price tag, the most expensive I’ve come across.

Is there any good reason? I’d like to know. Maybe we should have a tasting, like we do in wine. Just don't ask me to fund it!

Deise Irish Honey is produced in County Waterford in the family run apiary of P. Deasy, Rose Cottage, Dunloughtane, Youghal, Co. Waterford 024 20910.

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