Dinner last night owed much to friends I’ve met on the net.

Promising start thanks to @winealliancemoz His recent raid on Royan included a Rubis Pineau for moi. Chilled it yesterday evening before sampling. What a gem! Thanks a million,  Maurice.

Starter, a Bruschetta, roughly along the lines of what FennsQuay (apologies  Kate!) produced for their recent Sicilian Wine Evening. Good bread, toasted on one side, with diced tomatoes and good quality olive oil, along with some olives. Superb preparation for the main course.

Late last year I was invited, via libertygrill, to the launch night of the Cork Good Food Week and one of the tastiest bites was the Venison Stew. Been trying it since. Last Saturday's meat was bought in O’Sullivan’s in the English Market; added in some seasonal vegetables and red wine and served with spuds in their skins. And cleaned the plates.

Finished off with a slice (two, to be honest) of a gorgeous fruit cake, all thanks to Bibliocook  Caroline has some fantastic recipes of her own on the site but this came from Nigel Slater, a blueberry and peach cake with almonds. I picked the berries out the back but was a little short so added in a fistful of blackberries which didn't do any harm. You can get the link to the recipe at Bibliocook.

It wasn't all internet related, of course. Old friends too played a part and a neighbour kindly left in a bottle of Bordeaux which fitted the bill. 

Coming up to lunchtime Sunday as I finish this. The sun is out and I’ll soon be out too, sipping more of that Pineau on the garden seat. Here’s to friends! Both old and new.


Unknown said…
You are very welcome Billy. Glad it hit the mark. THe lady who makes it was very proud of her Cognac and Pineau. Thanks again for pointing me in the direction of it first day.
Thanks for the kind comment, Billy. That cake is definitely a keeper!