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 Brothers Mike (left) and Matt of Curious Wines.


When I first saw the new Kinsale Road warehouse of Curious Wines (Green), it reminded me of the 1967 film title I am Curious (Yellow). The same director, Vilgot Sjöman, also made a film called I am Curious (Blue), his colours from the Swedish flag.

The green of Curious Wines is bright and unmissable and Number 36 brightens up that corner of the Kinsale Road Commercial Centre. It is also big which means you have loads of room in the aisles and they have plenty of room to display their impressive range of wines.

It is the new base of brothers Mike and Matt Kane who have moved form Bandon after 18 months or so there. Space and location were the main attractions in making the move for Curious Wines, whose website has won Best in Ireland (2009) and who feature in the Bridgestone Best in Ireland 2010.

“We are now settled in and happy with the location,” Mike told me on a  recent visit. “We’ve used the web to let people know of the move and word of mouth, perhaps the best recommendation, is now having its effect.”

“It is so convenient for so many people, just one minute off the Kinsale Road roundabout. Quite a few made the trip out to Bandon but it wasn't  a regular trip and that seems to be happening here.”

“The proximity of Smyths Toys also means a huge footfall in the centre and indeed quite a few tired parents drop in to buy a consolatory bottle after hours spent on toys. I know the feeling, as I’m a parent myself.”

I told Mike that I was still going through one of their mixed case specials. “Yeah, that works well for us. Customers are creatures of habit and the mixed case gives them the opportunity to break out a bit. We include recognisable labels but also less well known ones. It is a nice easy way to try different wines and works out at less than eight euro per bottle.”

“We don't want to force anyone into anything they don't like but these cases make it easy to explore. Our twenty per cent off offers are also a help in that direction. Currently we have that reduction on both Italian and New Zealand wines.”

We asked Mike if he had spotted any trends this summer? Anything doing in Rosé?
“Rosés started well with the good weather in May but, like the sunshine, tailed off after that. Funnily enough, people seem to prefer the more expensive rosé. We have a lovely McLaren at €15.00 and quite a few people have tried that. Tastings are a great way to get people into Rosé.”

Did the World Cup spark any interest in South African wines? I see you have some Chenin Blanc in your selection from there?
“No, the area is a hard sell at the moment, people seem to prefer Chile. But we do have a Paarl Heights Chenin Blanc here and that won a Gold Medal at the 2010 Sommelier Awards.”

Curious Wines are looking forward to making the best use of their warehouse.
“The warehouse situation, there are less than ten in Ireland, has lower overheads and allows the retailer extra space. That means larger quantities and the opportunity to have an expansive interesting range.”

“It is bright and spacious here and the five foot aisles and trolleys make it easy for the customer to browse. There is no minimum purchase. You can buy just the one bottle if you like but with parking outside the door we find that people usually buy more than that. People that haven't called to us before are understandably a bit cautious but we’re confident they’ll be back. We are looking forward to the months ahead and particularly to the Christmas market.”

The future is green!

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Phones: In Ireland: 021 432 0233
Outside Ireland: +353 21 432 0233
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