Enjoyed one of their famous Sexy Lunches at An Crúibín during the week. Enjoyed also meeting the guys behind the venture, Paul and Frank.
The menu was being chalked on the blackboard as I came in and, aside from the odd Spanish flourish, the words looked plain enough. Deceptively so. I choose the Spiced Carrot Soup and the Smoked Mackerel with New Potatoes.
The soup, as they say in this neck of the woods, had eating and drinking in it. It was bright orangey with a swirl of cream in the middle. The eating? Well, sunken circles of carrots and crunchy bits of other veg and just enough spice to warm you up. Just brilliant! Took a lingering look and then, as Frank, having a bowl himself, suggested, gave it a lash!
Well if the soup was Van Gogh, my mains was Miro. A bit dull maybe on the left where the potatoes and generous circle of mackerel was placed, the bright reds and yellows exploding in the salad to my right. Colours aside, this was really tasty and certainly filled the gap.
They had five or six other promising main courses (eg Hegarty’s Cheddar and Tomatoes) and all were priced between €7.50 and €8.50. Good value to be had here in the shadow of the City Hall.
One of my aims in going out to eat is to try something you don't normally do at home. This place doesn't disappoint on that score. Different class, as another Corkman is fond of saying.
You will see many words used to describe this pub and its Silk Purse Restaurant upstairs: funky, cool, edgy, surreal. I prefer the words they use themselves: low-key, relaxed.
1 Union Quay, Cork City, Ireland
+ 353 (0) 21 431 0071
Picture above from AN CRÚIBÍN

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