NASH 19 
Lunch can be a pretty routine occasion, almost like a pit stop. Not though if you go to Nash 19. Different class.
Friendly Rose took us through the menu in detail and gave a few recommendations. We liked the look of the Good Ford Ireland Plate at €13.95 and went for it. Served, tapas style, it was a mini feast of tastes and colours, including a Squash Soup taster, Smoked Salmon from Buttevant’s Old Mill, Nash’s own chicken liver pate, Oisín and Milleen cheeses with Nash’s own delicious biscuits, Crowe's Pork Belly and Bacon and Gubbeen salami, all with their own relishes.
When you go out to eat, you really want something different, different to what you can manage at home. This was it. Couldn't fault any little piece of it. My favourite bites? Perhaps the Chicken Liver which was better than recent Foie Gras tastings. The Bacon tasted just like the real thing should and the salami was also a highlight.
Moved onto dessert then. Had a share of Walnut Cakes in the Dordogne recently but that didn't stop me picking the Cherry and Walnut Cake. So well made, done to a “t” and so very very lovely. Also sampled the Berry Pie and was half sorry I didn't take that but then I’d have been half sorry I hadn’t taken the Cherry and Walnut.
Will have to go again. And again. Lovely place, lovely people and, yes Tom Doorley, this was an enjoyable meal.