Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Blair’s Inn. Hot Food and Fire!

Blair’s Inn. Hot Food and Fire!

Hard to beat a seat by the fire these days, especially one by the fireside in Blair’s Inn where, in addition to the comfort (not to mention the craic), you have a fantastic choice of top nosh and beer.

Called in there yesterday for lunch and got that seat by the fire before settling down to study the fantastic menu, the beer menu that is. Lots of craft beer on draught and much more in bottle, including the new deliciously spiced A Winter’s Ale from 8 Degrees.

St Tola Goat Cheese Tartlet
I picked a pint of the draught Friar Weisse (Franciscan Well) and then began to study the other fantastic menu as the place began to fill up. No slack here on a Tuesday! No shortage of craic either. One diner was advised that drinking too much water could result in rust!

Some great producer names on the menu but when I saw two of them together, I couldn’t resist. My choice: Warm Salad of Ummera Smoked Chicken and Gubbeen Chorizo. Delicious. CL also hit the jackpot with a terrific plateful of Warm St Tola Goat Cheese Tart with smoked salmon and creamed leeks. 
Corned Beef.

Resisting the urge to try some seasonal game, we agreed on the mains which is a house special. It is the Silverside of O’Crualaoi’s Irish Corned Beef on a bed of champ served with cabbage and a parsley sauce, not to mention a side plate of veg and another of baked potato. You can’t go wrong with this one. Highly recommended.

Indeed, the Blair’s Inn experience is highly recommended. Some great choices here. About a half dozen starters, all served with their Black Rock Stout Brown Bread. Then you may choose from a dozen main courses. Not too sure about the desserts, as we didn’t get that far!

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