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Shake Up Your Summer with Mucchieto Soave: A Classic Italian with A New Attitude

“Mucchieto” Soave (DOC) 2022, 12.5% ABV

€16.95 (13.95) O’Briens Wines

Shake Up Your Summer with Mucchieto Soave: A Classic Italian with A New Attitude

Move over Pinot Grigio, there's a Soave comeback in town! This Mucchieto Soave (DOC) 2022 from O'Briens Wines  is an aromatic, light-bodied delight that's set to become your new summer go-to.

Sunshine in a Glass: 

This Soave

boasts a vibrant straw-yellow colour that practically screams summer sunshine. On the nose, it's a delightful explosion of yellow apples, white peaches, and fragrant white flowers. Get ready for a tingling sensation on the palate, thanks to a beautiful balance of crisp white fruit and lively acidity. A touch of almond adds a complexity to the velvety finish.

Organic and Perfect for Seafood Lovers: 

Made entirely from the Garganega grape, this organic Soave is a natural partner for all your seafood cravings. Think clams and gnocchi, squid ink linguini, scallops and risotto – the possibilities are endless! (Wine Folly agrees!). Make it your aperitif as well!

Modern Makeover for a Classic:

This isn't your grandma's Soave. The folks at Pasqua Winery, known for their innovative spirit, have taken this classic Italian wine style and given it a modern twist. As O'Briens themselves say, it's "a cool as its label" Soave that's a perfect alternative to Pinot Grigio.

Award-Winning Innovation: No wonder Pasqua was named "Wine Innovator of the Year" by Wine Enthusiast Magazine! They're breathing new life into Soave, and Mucchieto is a shining example.

Soave, Italy's largest wine region, has had a bit of a rough past. Mass production led to a reputation for "watery" and "characterless" wines, adjectives courtesy of Jancis Robinson. But fear not, Mucchieto proves that with careful crafting, Soave can be exceptional.

Highly Recommended: Ditch the pre-conceptions and give Mucchieto Soave a try. You won't be disappointed!

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