Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Taste of the Week. Milk Chocolate & Marshmallow Cluster by Skellig Chocolate

Taste of the Week

Milk Chocolate & Marshmallow Clusters 

by Skellig Chocolate

Didn't make it as far as the beautiful St Finan's Bay and a view of the magnificent Skelligs during April's visit to Kerry.

I may have missed out on a

visit to Skellig's Chocolate which is nestled between the mountains and the Atlantic where the Skelligs may be seen but I did manage to get my hands on some of the chocolates during a stop at the Avoca Shop on Molls Gap.

And it was here that I bought a box of these clusters, our Taste of the Week. They are simply made. The mini marshmallows are simply enrobed in the milk chocolate for a taste sensation. When you bite into the little chocolate-coated lumps, the unmistakable chewey texture of the marshmallow reveals itself and then there's no stopping you! Enjoy this gooey delight.

* By the early 20th century, marshmallows were introduced to the United States and available for mass consumption. They were sold in tins as penny candy. 

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