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DRINK OF THE WEEK Cider Mill Ciderkin Harvest Session. "amongst the finest drinks produced in Ireland"


"...ciders of exceptional quality and character.”

Cider Mill Ciderkin Harvest Session, 4% ABV, 500 ml bottle, Dunnes

“Mr Jenkinson’s Revival Series are amongst the finest drinks produced in Ireland.”

It may be best as a summer or harvest-time drink but we enjoyed this Ciderkin on a dull mid-winter evening. The aromas are not as delicate as some reviewers write; they are expressive, undoubtedly so, and hint strongly enough too of the orchard (more or less what you'd expect).

The liquid itself is clear and is well populated with microbubbles rising to the top. On the palate, it’s light, crisp, and refreshing.  Full of tangy apple and tropical fruit flavours, with a slight sweetness though the balance is spot-on. And, at 4% ABV, it is ideal for a pleasant session.

Mark Jenkinson is by now well known for using time-honoured methods (if you haven’t already done so, you must try his “keeving” bottles). Ciderkin Harvest Session is an age-old style made from the second pressing of bittersweet and sharp Irish apples. 

These Ciderkins were used for centuries as part-payment for farm labourers' wages.  This practice was outlawed in 1887 but persisted for many years afterwards.

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The Cider Mill says the series is a celebration of Irish Cider Heritage …. “We are dedicated to reviving Ireland’s lost cider-making traditions.. creating ciders of exceptional quality and character.”

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Jenkinson’s Cider Mill describes cider as “A refreshing alcoholic beverage made from 100 % apple juice, fermented and made in the same way as wine and often called apple wine in other countries. An excellent alternative to wine as a food accompaniment that deserves more exploration…”

* “Mr Jenkinson’s Revival Series – Ciderkin; Windvane and Lamhog – are amongst the finest drinks produced in Ireland.” - McKenna’s Guides 2017.

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