Monday, February 26, 2024

Taste of the Week: Apple Cider Rye by Ryes and Shine

Taste of the Week

Apple Cider Rye by Ryes and Shine

Local baker Angela Nöthlings (Ryes and Shine) always comes up with the good things. The latest, and our Taste of the Week, is this delicious Apple Cider Rye, available at her stall in St Lukes and in the Coal Quay Market on Saturdays. "It is one of my favourite loaves at the moment.  Beautiful light and tangy, yes! Love it, especially the crust!", she enthuses. Ingredients include rye (36%), WildFarmed T65 flour 72% hydration and of course Irish Cider.

I'll always have interesting bread while Angela operates here. Virtually everything on the stall is worthy of the Taste of the Week designation. Take a look at the pic above. The Cider Rye is on the left with, on top of it, one of her gorgeous From St Luke’s with Love Rolls which are studded with dark organic chocolate (she also makes it in loaves and calls them St Luke’s with Love Mums); then you have her popular Cinnamon Roll and finally (on the right) the ever-evolving, ever satisfying Mayfield Bloomer!

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