Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Taste of the Week. Seagull Bakery Seaweed Sourdough

Taste of the Week
Seagull Bakery Seaweed Sourdough

While dining in the Copper Hen in Tramore, I overheard the server praising one of their suppliers, the nearby Seagull Bakery and mentioning that the premises were new. I had come across the Seagull breads before in Dungarvan and Kilkenny and the backstory was good.

The Seagull Bakery is a small artisan bakery which specialise in naturally fermented sourdough breads. Sarah Richards, who trained in Ballymaloe and later with Declan Ryan (Arbutus), is the owner and sole baker. All breads are handcrafted using unbleached additive free flours, and quality local ingredients.
You may also sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and a pastry here

Sarah makes a limited range of sourdough and one that caught my eye when I eventually strolled up from the Copper Hen was the Seaweed Sourdough. A little bit more expensive, I thought to myself when I handed over four euro.

But it was worth it. There are quite a few sourdoughs around these days, coming from many sources, and I’m not sure they all deserve the sourdough title. But this Seagull loaf was extra special, that slight sourness in the crust delightfully confirming it as the genuine article; certainly, with its super taste and texture, one of the very best sourdoughs I’ve come across and, to borrow a phrase from the nearby racecourse, a shoo-in for Taste of the Week.

4 Broad Street
(The Cross on Main Street)
Co. Waterford.

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