Cork International Airport Hotel. Enjoyable Meal At New Yorker

Cork International Airport Hotel
Enjoyable Meal At New Yorker 

Outside the mist-laden wind was blowing and the famous (notorious) Farmer’s Cross fog was making ghostly shapes in the car park lights. But inside at the New Yorker restaurant of the Cork International Airport Hotel, it was a different climate with warming fires and diners tucking in to some lovely food in a very comfortable room indeed. We revisited last Friday and absolutely enjoyed our dinner as we had on previous occasions.

We were soon seated - not too far from one of the fires - and studying the menu, quite an extensive one, based on local produce and geared for locals and travellers alike. We picked from the main menu though there is a very good set menu on offer as well.

They had three specials on the night and CL went with one of those, Smoked Salmon with avocado, for her starter, a superb choice as it turned out as this was a very successful pairing indeed.
And I too was off to flier with the Crispy Duck Spring Rolls, served with an Asian style salad with sweet chilli dipping sauce. This was a delightful combination, light with gorgeous contrasts of flavours and  textures. One to watch for in the future.

The starters had certainly brought the taste buds to attention and two excellent main courses maintained the standard. Moroccan Spiced Lamb Rump, served with Couscous, steamed broccoli, and a Lamb Jus was CL’s choice and soon she was singing its praises, delighted with all the parts.

Mine was the Pressed Slow Roasted Pork Belly and that came with Celeriac potato puree, rhubarb and ginger compote, glazed carrots and red wine jus. The pork had been pressed into a kind of roulade with a herby skim in between. Quite  serious eruptions of flavours here, excellent textures too. Perfect overall, another superb example from the repertoire of chef Hugh Bailey.
The mains had been accompanied by wine from their short list.  The Marques de Plata, Tempranillo/Syrah/ Cabernet Sauvignon blend from Valencia, nice and fruity, went well with the lamp while my Chianti Colli Senesi from Tuscany, aromatic and well balanced, did the job with the Pork Belly.

Service was friendly and excellent. There was a delay with our shared dessert - a Lemon Mousse Tart - but when we pointed it out (no complaint) it soon arrived to smiles all around and indeed we were pleasantly surprised to hear our server say there’d be no charge for it. Good PR for sure and much appreciated, as was the experience overall.