“Why don't we get it more often?”

KERPEN RIESLING BLAUCHIEFER TROCKEN 2010, 11.5%, €12.69 (Karwig Wines) ****

This is bright and clean with a light honey colour and a pleasant aromatic nose. On the palate it is lively, fruity and dry. A very promising initial contact, the promise maintained with an excellent finish.

I like this tangy fresh young Riesling as I liked the older sister last year. Quite an elegant easy drinking wine though not altogether a simple one. The excellent balance between fruit (Citrus, Apples) and the acidity make it a good companion for fish, salads or on its own in the garden on a summer’s day, even in the living room in mid-winter!

Must add that the good companion here also rated it highly: “Why don't we get it more often?” I'll be very happy to oblige!

Mosel is one the 13 German regions for quality wines, perhaps the most famous and it is the 3rd largest in terms of production.