Don’t all rush down to Mahon. My headline is a little deceptive! I’m talking here about young truffle trees.

You never know what you’ll see at the Mahon Point Farmer’s Market on a Thursday morning. Dropped down today for a quick run and was surprised to see the Ballyhoura Wild Mushroom stand there and I’m told it will be there until Christmas.

So we took advantage and we helped ourselves to their Shiitake Mushroom soup, one of a number available and also picked up a bunch of Chanterelle (demolished at lunch-time, I must admit!).

The big surprise though was the fact that they are selling Truffle trees, Tuber Aestivum var. uncinatum to be exact, also known as the UK summer truffle. When you buy your trees, you get a very informative leaflet on choosing and preparing your site, on how to care for your tree and how and when to look for truffles.

Ballyhoura Mushrooms will be in Mahon, as I’ve said, at least until Christmas, and you may also catch up with them at the Douglas Farmers Market every Saturday morning.

Great also to catch up with Old Millbank Smokehouse. We enjoyed their smoked produce at a recent lunch in the Farmgate and were glad to pass on the word that the pictures had gone all over the net via @foodspotting and via this post.

Interesting chat too with @jozeemac, about food of course, and then more shopping at @greensaffron (including Christmas pudding, believe it or not!), @woodside (gorgeous pork steak) , Arbutus Breads  (irresistible seeded sourdough), Flynn’s Kitchen ( (top notch jam and soup on this occasion) and more.

Great way to spend an hour or two on a Thursday. Now, if those truffle trees work out, there could be even more surprises in those stalls.