Sticking to a list of 31 favourite restaurants again this year. Early on, thought I might well reach the next prime number up but there were a couple of disappointments and then a few favourites, including Nautilus and the Silk Purse, who shut their doors.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom: the 2010 baby Electric has gone from strength to strength and La Dolce Vita has taken up the vacancy in Proby’s Quay. And in addition, L’Atitude has just given us our first wine cafĂ©.

I have been to all 31 (and others) over the past 12 months and have been happy enough with the results. Huge differences, of course, in styles and comfort over the range but I'd have no problem in going back to any of them. The list below, while roughly alphabetical, is in no particular order. Just be aware also that there are some really good ones that I haven't been to in 2011. You may see reviews for all of the 31 in this blog.

Made a bit of a resolution to get out into the county more often for 2011 and included Kinsale, Midleton and Clonakilty as targets. Got to Midleton a bit (enjoyed Sage) and Clonakilty too, not forgetting Timoleague (and Dillon’s). Still haven’t explored Kinsale to any great degree and, for 2012, now must include it and must also look north, to Mallow and Fermoy for example.

MY 31
(In no particular order)

1 Augustine’s
2 Annie’s
3 Blair’s Inn
4 Ballymaloe
5 Bramley Lodge
6 Cornstore
7 Costello’s Malthouse
8 Dillon’s
9 Electric
10 Fenn’s Quay
11 Fota Island Resort
12 Greene’s
13 Hayfield Manor
14 Isaac’s
15 Jacque’s
16 Jacobs on the Mall
17 La Dolce Vita
18 Les Gourmandises
19 Liberty Grill
20 Market Lane
21 Mabel Crawford’s
22 Nash 19
23 Richy’s Bistro
24 Rising Tide
25 Sage
26 Star Anise
27 The Farmgate
28 The Spinning Wheel
29 The Bosun
30 The Castle
31 The Pantry