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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mr Jeffares Talks Blackcurrants. And Des Walks The Walk!

Mr Jeffares Talks Blackcurrants.
And Des Walks The Walk!
The harvesting machine moves slowly through the rows, a crew of five in attendance. It towers above the plants. But it is a gentle giant.

We were in the blackcurrant fields of the Jeffares in County Wexford watching this amazing mechanical harvest, amazing to those of us who, many moons ago, picked the crop by hand, accompanied by mothers and siblings and neighbours. The younger kids often got the worst job, going through the bushes for the paltry remains after the main picks had been done a few days earlier.

Des Jeffares reckons the machine is kinder to the bushes than the humans! Of course, back then the bushes were separate entities with their own space, so the pickers could access the fruit from all sides. Nowadays they are planted in “drills”, the only space is between the drills, none between the mature plants. But when the machine is finished with a row, you notice hardly the difference between it and one that has yet to be harvested, expect of course the absence of fruit.

The big machine handles the plants very gently as it pushes through the row and picks, any leaves and debris gathered are directed off to the side and the fruit comes out the back where the crew watch it loading onto the boxes. Mechanised or not, it is still quite a slow process and they are lucky to get two to three acres picked in a good day.
Des Jeffares
Des has seen it all. The family have been growing blackcurrants here since 1955 but it is only now that they have taken full control of the process after the harvest. The first product was on show at Ballykelly Farm last Tuesday. And that Mr Jeffares Blackcurrant Cordial is fabulous.

I had tasted a couple of the currants in the field and the cordial is a true expression of the fruit, a great purple colour with fresh and vibrant flavours, a refreshing thirst quencher at any time. The fruit is respected and they do not add any artificial colour, flavour or preservative.

Cut it with water and it is fine, mix in some sparkling water and you'll have a thirst quencher supreme. But don't rush, at least not always. Sit back and enjoy it mixed with apple juice, perhaps something stronger such as gin or even stout. Check out all the amazing drinks on their website.

Many of the drinks were available in the marquee at Ballykelly and we were well fed too and blackcurrants featured there as well. It was added to a salad dressing, featured on some roasts, and was especially attractive in the desserts, just take a look at the pics! Amazing stuff! I’ve often said that producers should add recipes to their site and the Jeffares have done that and more. Please check it out and make the best possible use of their amazing product which is widely available at these stockists.

Des and Margaret Jeffares have put a lot of thought and work into this. In the same way that craft brewers are opening new doors to flavoursome drinks, so the Jeffares are at the cutting edge of what could be a new wave of Irish fruit based drinks. A fruit drink for adults, someone said. No denying that but the kids in the marquee were enjoying it too.

Let us get behind Ballykelly, and make it a success that can be emulated by others around the country. Make the best use of the fruits that grow here: apples, strawberries and blackberries to gooseberries, loganberries and raspberries.

It is not an easy route, patience and capital are required. You won't get a decent crop from your blackcurrant bushes until they are four years old and they'll have to be replaced every fifteen years (or earlier if disease strikes). Pruning is a major annual task. And then, like the wine and cider maker, you get just the one chance per annum to get it right.

But, it can be a very sustainable way of farming. Des: “We try and work as best we can with nature. We allow for the birds to take a share. Indeed, these sheltering trees around the fields help the birds and we also have many nesting boxes, 70 or 80 per cent used, placed around the farm. We also have some bird scarers in place!”

Big attendance
 He explained that they encourage the local hawk population, to keep a natural balance. And they also have hedgehog habitats scattered around the 100 acres farm. Lots of grass cover in the fruit fields and under it their biggest pest, the vine weevil, can flourish. But so too does a certain predatory beetle that feeds on the weevil. Birds and hedgehogs also fancy the weevil. Nature at work!

Not all the one hundred acres is under fruit. There has to be crop rotation and we saw quite a bit of barley. Des says that Mustard is a great crop to plant in the rotation and is very excited about it.
The Blackcurrant fruit is hard won. And immediately after the picking, the priority is to “ice it and juice it”. It takes three quarters of a kilo to produce your 50 cl bottle of cordial.

It all seemed worth it in the sunshine at Ballykelly this week. Great to see people from all over the country there to support the pioneering Jeffares on these early steps of the journey. Best of luck to Des and Margaret and all the family.

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Johnstown Castle. Agricultural Museum and so much more!

At the rear of the harvester.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Taste of the Week at Sage Cafe

Sage Cafe
While en route to Ardmore last Friday, we stopped in Youghal in search of a light lunch. And we found just that in Sage Cafe, in the shadow of the famous clock tower. This is a bright (big windows to the street) and busy cafe and incorporates a little food shop as well.

The counter inside the door was full of good things and it took us a while to make a choice. I picked the Quiche Lorraine with a choice of two salads. The quiche was excellent and the salads, a cous cous and a butter bean, were superb, all combining to make it Taste of the Week.

Sage is a member of Good Food Ireland and well worth a call if you are in the seaside town or, like us, just passing through.

86 North Main Street, Youghal, Cork Tel:
024 85844
Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hooked in Bantry! O'Connor's Seafood Restaurant.

Hooked in Bantry! O'Connor's Seafood Restaurant

We came to O’Connor’s Seafood Restaurant in Bantry for the fish. And we were soon hooked..

We were off to a winning start with a shared plate of oysters (from their tank).  These were a mix of baked oysters, some with Dungarvan Stout and walnuts, more with garlic and herb oysters with lemon, all delicious and all quickly dispatched. Almost an argument over the last one (we got an odd number!).
Amuse Bouche
It was a quiet night in the restaurant. Indeed a very quiet Friday (07.03.14) in the town, very few cars parked around the square, and most of the other restaurants that we passed on the way back to the hotel were not busy. It was, of course, just after the recent storms. Hopefully the numbers will pick up now that Spring has arrived. Bantry is a lovely place to visit and there are many attractions in the general area.
The O’Connor’s menu changes regularly, and each day the specials are decided by what comes in from the local fishermen. We were in luck. Swordfish and monkfish were on the menu and they were cooked and presented superbly while the service throughout was friendly and efficient.

I picked the Swordfish. The steak was chargrilled with pan-fried smoked sun dried tomato and served with a roast pepper polenta cake and, not mentioned on the menu, a basket of house-made fries.

Swordfish can be a dodgy choice as some restaurants cook it for too long and it comes out dry and hard. But this was moist and tasty and the polenta and tomato cake was a gorgeous and appropriate accompaniment. The fries too vanished quickly as indeed did the shared sides of vegetables and potato.
The other mains was also a delicious delight: Pan-fried fillet of monkfish wrapped in smoked bacon with a divine wild mushroom and baby-leaf spinach leaf risotto. O’Connor’s had two very happy customers on their hands at this stage, the happiness helped by a smashing organic Chardonnay by Langa (DO Calatayud), a surprisingly beautiful bottle for 24.75, intense and complex aromas, fresh and fruity with a long and pleasant finish and,by the way, an ABV of 14.25%!

Took a break from the wine then while enjoying a couple of excellent desserts, a Blackberry Fool and a Mixed Berry and Champagne Sorbet. Soon, we were back on the street and strolling to the nearby hotel.
Desserts and wine.
O'Connors Seafood Restaurant, Wolfe Tone Square Bantry, Co. Cork. Tel: +353 (0)27 55664 Email:
Once an employee, Pat Kiely is now Head Chef and Owner. You’ll also find him at Willie Pa’s Restaurant, Colomane Cross, Bantry.  

O'Connor's are a Good Food Ireland member and other members among their listed suppliers are: Jack McCarthy, Shannonvale Chicken, Toons Bridge, Dungarvan Brewing Co., Ballycotton Seafood, Ardsallagh Goat Cheese and Cashel Blue.

Blue Sky Friday in Bantry Market

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Good Food Ireland Conference. And Awards

Good Food Ireland Conference
And Awards
Pádraig Ó’Céidigh
Didn't expect a clinical psychologist to be the star speaker at the annual Good Food Ireland conference in the Shelbourne Hotel (Dublin) yesterday. But that psychologist was Dr Maureen Gaffney and she took the room by storm as she looked at the Feel Good Factor.

Must admit I’m one of those people who just love to see a smile. Maureen says smiles “are all important”. “People are ready to co-operate with on it.. smiles help to form that very important first impression. We all have bad days .. act positively especially when things are bad.” She said there is  evidence that shows that smiling even helps the smiler. “It triggers (even fools) your brain”.

And she also pointed out that a negative mood in the team leader can have a negative influence on the staff, your staff. This is a “high risk” to business. So learn to smile. Cheese!

“Get your self right..then you'll get a whole lot more right. Learn, achieve, grow. Vision is vitally important, start with your vision. Values are really important, not just accessories...There is evidence that people driven by a higher set of values do better.”
Maureen Gaffney (left) and Xanthe Clay
Set challenges, she urged. “Keep learning, growing, have projects, invest time and effort in them. And connect! Not just on digital platforms but also in the real world, family, friends, clubmates. These real connections will provide “personal experience and insight, contextual information, personal recommendations”.

So get social,and get connected, she urged. And she ended with a reminder about that smile. “Nurture your optimism!”

Xanthe Clay, author and journalist, spoke on the fickle British market, especially the fickle press. One day they headline that coffee is good for you, a week later they say it is bad for you. She urged irish producers to give value for money and highlighted the importance of trust (especially after the rocky year that saw the horse meat scandal gallop across the headlines). “Be open, she said. “Show people what you do. If you do add an additive to your food, list it, explain it.” Much better than your customers ambushed by the news in the press later on.

Asked what were the outstanding Irish qualities, she didn't hesitate: “Tradition, warmth, quality. These never go out of fashion.”

Coming into fashion is Origin Green, Bord Bia’s new programme to enhance and promote sustainability and explained on stage by Una Fitzgibbon. This was quite a sombre presentation, no jokes here. Great to see producers such as the Apple Farm’s Con Traas and Stonewell Cider’s Daniel Emerson being very enthusiastic about it on a short film. “This is a big deal,”said conference chair Darragh McCullough. “Only going to get bigger.”

Margot Slattery of Sodexo started with some very impressive numbers: purchases of some 18 million euro in Ireland every year. 420,000 employees worldwide and growing. “We stand for sustainability and fresh food” as client companies are looking for healthy weight and healthy life for their employees. Sodexo run gyms, even detox programmes.
Siobhain from Kalbo's and Yours Truly
Margot said they feed 50,000 a day in ireland. “Not frozen food, these are cooked, from scratch, on a daily basis.”

Just before a break for lunch, there was a panel discussion on Digital Marketing and two bits of advice emerged, at least two that I noted. Check out the recent changes in YouTube as they make it more interesting to business. And also have a look at Vine for short video promotions.

If Maureen Gaffney was the morning star then Pádraig Ó’Céidigh caught the attention in the afternoon. The founder of Aer Arann took us on a flight. He started in the Comfort Zone, then challenged us to enter the Stretch Zone before warning us about the perils of the Danger Zone (here, you can damage yourself, he reported, from experience).
Kevin and Réidín from Sage
Citing the small beginnings of what is now the Kerry group in 1972 and the choice made by Clonakilty Black Pudding’s Colette Twomey to run the company after the death of her husband as examples of leaving the comfort zone.

And Padraig is optimistic right now. “This is a great time to be an entrepreneur. There is great optimism out there, great opportunities. Time to leave the comfort zone.”

“There have never been such a demand for good quality food. Be solid on your own two feet, use what’s between your ears. No reason why we can't have another Kerry.”
The world will go on with you or without you. Make sure it’s with you. Believe it and go for it. Never forget your roots and use that little bit of Gaeilge!”

An afternoon panel discussion on our food future produced some interesting points. Martin Shanahan thought too much of our fish is being exported. Country Choice’s Peter Ward urged the industry to be creative, to re-invent our own Irish produce. Chapter One’s Ross Lewis says he sees confidence building in young Irish chefs, “not necessarily mimicking foreign chefs.The industry has changed more in the last three years than in the previous thirty.”

Minister for Tourism Alan Varadkar launched the Good Food Ireland prepaid MasterCard, a food travel passport for visitors to the county’s producers, shops and restaurants and said he was encouraged by progress in tourism numbers this year and employment growth in the industry. He lauded the “great decision” by government colleagues to retain the 9% VAT and acknowledged that lobbying had had its effect and confirmed that there were no plans to increase the rate in the future. We are very much in recovery mode.”
The delegates assembled in the same room for a cracking dinner in the evening. Skeaghanore Duck and Clare Island salmon were the centrepieces, all washed down by superb wines from Classic Drinks.

The awards were announced as the desserts were being served and the large Cork contingent had plenty to cheer about with Midleton's Sage Restaurant, URRU Culinary Store in Bandon, MIlleens Cheese, Kalbo’s Cafe in Skibbereen and Kinsale’s Fishy Fishy all winning their categories.

One of the loudest cheers of the night went to Ballymaloe’s Rory O'Connell who was declared Ambassador of the Year, mainly for his part in feeding, at short notice, 10,000 delegates at the recent Web Summit. Mount Juliet won three awards including the Supreme Award and Restaurant of the Year Award.

All the awards were presented by An Taoiseach Enda Kenny who smilingly indicated there were three women he must listen to: Mrs Kenny, Angela Merkel and Margaret Jeffares (the dynamo behind Good Food Ireland).

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Good Food Ireland pop-up; Dublin Gourmet Stroll

Experience GOOD FOOD IRELAND Pop up at Kildare Village Summer time Festival
For the second year the Good Food Ireland Pop-up will be at Kildare Village for the designer outlet shopping village’s Chic Summer Festival. The Good Food Ireland pop-up will showcase the very best of high quality, Irish-produced food with Irish ingredients. You will be able to dine around Ireland in one location by enjoying delicious food from Good Food Ireland-approved providers every weekend from 7th July to 19th August.
This is a rare opportunity to meet the people behind the food from the cheese maker to the chef, to the sausage maker to the restaurateur while enjoying at the same time the best of designer shopping. Dishes will range from Prime Hereford Steak Ciabatta, Artisan Sausages, and Warm Bacon Blaas as well as lots more sumptuous treats!
“The Good Food Ireland Pop Up is an amazing experience for Shoppers, the opportunity to meet the people behind the food from all around Ireland and enjoy their food while taking in the best of designer outlet shopping”, says Margaret Jeffares, Managing Director Good Food Ireland.
With such a selection to choose from, breakfast, lunch and dinner are all taken care of and these are not just tasters, they offer amazing value. For more information on the Good Food Ireland Pop Up visit


June 2012: This summer treat yourself to something special with a city break at the Five Star Fitzwilliam Hotel Dublin. Dublin’s premier boutique hotel has created four luxurious packages, perfect for a stylish Summer city break in the heart of Dublin.

Foodies love to touch, they love to smell and most of all they love to taste! This tactile bunch will meet their match with Fitzwilliam Hotel Dublin Head Chef, Matt Fuller. The Dublin Gourmet Stroll gives guests at the hotel the chance to walk through the city, under the close eye of Matt, who will ‘dish’ the dirt on the hidden tricks of the trade, ever wondered where Ireland’s top chefs go seeking inspiration? Matt is ready to lift the proverbial lid!

Once you have sampled the delights of Dublin’s burgeoning food scene, and learned of the best cheesemongers, sommeliers, & baristas in the area, the gastronomic adventure continues in Citron Restaurant at The Fitzwilliam Hotel, where Matt will talk you through a delicious three course meal with culinary highlights including;  Hand Dived Scallops with vanilla potatoes, passion fruit air & carrot saffron purée,  and a Pigeon & Foie Gras with creamy cep rice, apple, blackberry purée & artichoke.

Before you are enveloped in the cool crisp Egyptian cotton sheets of your Deluxe Executive Suite, enjoy a well- deserved Digestif in the hotel’s Inn on the Green bar.

The Dublin Gourmet Stroll package also includes a hearty breakfast on the day of departure,  car parking facilities, wireless internet access and all rates and service charges and costs €275 pps. Price available on request.  /  /

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Good Food Ireland at the Hayfield

L to R: Joan Collins (Sage Cafe), Jenny Rose Clarke (The Sandwich Stall) & Kay Harte (Farmgate) 

Redmond O'Donoghue,  Santina Doherty and Peter Malone get to grips with an Arbutus loaf.
Caroline Curtin & Hazel Allen (Ballymaloe) and Alan Kingston (Glenilen )
Good Food Ireland On The Road

Last Wednesday, Chairman Redmond O’Donoghue welcomed the audience as The Good Food Ireland “roadshow” touched down in the Hayfield Manor in a middle of seven consecutive information sessions for its members countrywide. You may see the agenda here

Ciara Jackson heads up the Food and Beverage team at Grant Thornton and presented their recent report on the massive contribution that GFI and its approved providers are making to the Irish economy and how that role may be grown. Each visitor had a copy of the report and you can read more details of the report here

Amazingly, the report team found that almost 70% of GFI producers were unaware of Research and Development tax credits which “give an overall potential tax benefit of 37.5%” of the expense incurred. Worth checking out!

Margaret Jeffares, Founder & Managing Director of Good Food Ireland, then took the mike and gave a special welcome to two friends of Ireland from the US who were in the audience: Rachel Gaffney and Ginger Aarons.

“Five years on and we have a great group of businesses behind the GFI brand. But this is only the beginning,” summed up her optimistic speech, reinforcing what the chairman had earlier outlined about Food Tourism.
Rachel Gaffney (left), Margaret Jeffares and yours truly at the Hayfield
It may be the next big thing but Margaret is under no illusions and left no else under any doubt. “There is more to do.” And then she encouraged members to look out for one another which is one of the reasons they joined in the first place. “Refer customers onwards to one another ...our small staff will help, by distributing some 400,000 food tourist maps this year, half of them to Hertz Car Rental..all this helps grow your business but it is essential you play your part..we can’t do it all for you.”

The initial website has helped Good Food Ireland establish itself in the past five years but now it is time to change. And Santina Doherty revealed exciting plans for the second generation website which should be online by early Autumn.

I have seen Peter Malone of Nenagh’s Country Choice, who has been with GFI since the beginning, speak on a few occasions and just love the way he gets down to basics: buckets of blood at Jack McCarthy’s in Kanturk, spuds at the Hayfield.

He also spoke passionately about another basic: integrity. “The producer is our friend. Don’t screw him or her!” There must be an honest relationship between the restaurants/hotels and their producers and between them and their customers. Respect, honesty and fairness were his key words. The more we pull together, the further we will go.

A question and answer session then followed and before the conference broke up, members were busily making contact with one another, as if already taking the founder’s words to heart. Rachel Gaffney, who brings a planeload of Escoffiers here next April, was surrounded as she had indicated the gourmet tour would be in the Cork area and so quite a few of the local providers, mainly restaurateurs, took the opportunity to put their names down. Networking at work!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Vicky Jago has been in touch with a gift idea from Good Food Ireland, a Unique Gift this Valentine's!

"If you love good food, then look no further than a Good Food Ireland gift voucher which allows you the freedom to choose from over 300 Good Food Ireland approved providers located around the island of Ireland. They promise you an experience of the very best in Irish cuisine and hospitality. 

Whether you are looking for a romantic break, an intimate meal, a relaxing spa weekend or a dinner in a famous Irish eatery or just pure food indulgence this is the ideal gift for everyone who simply loves good food!

Good Food Ireland gift vouchers starting from €10 are available to purchase through the Good Food Ireland office Tel 053 9158693 or Online"   

Wednesday, December 14, 2011



The Perfect Gift for Food Lovers for any Occasion 

Good Food Ireland, Ireland’s All-Ireland food tourism group, are delighted to announce the launch of their Christmas gift vouchers. These unique vouchers can be used at over 350 Good Food Ireland members throughout Ireland for accommodation, cookery courses or meals out in one of the many Good Food Ireland recommended places around the country.

Select from the fabulous range of Good Food Ireland 5 star hotels, restaurants, cookery schools, cafes, pubs and shops this festive season and experience the very best in Irish cuisine and hospitality.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing spa weekend, or dinner in a famous Irish eatery, a Good Food Ireland gift voucher is the perfect gift this Christmas. Spoil the one you love or simply say thank you with a thoughtful treat or break away this season.

 A gift voucher from Good Food Ireland is the ideal gift for anyone who simply loves good Irish food!

Gift vouchers are available from €10. These vouchers will be available for purchase on the Good Food Ireland website and also by contacting the main head office. Log onto for further information.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Good Food Ireland to feature on SKY TV

Good Food Ireland to feature on SKY TV
Darina Allen

Scrumptious, savoury and seasonal food from around Ireland with Good Food Ireland will feature on SKY TV channel 201 and at 9pm this coming Thursday, December 15th in a special one hour programme showcasing all that is good about an Irish food experience.

The tasty programme ingredients include insightful interviews with passionate food producers, restaurateurs and hoteliers who rely on the quality of their produce to entice customers and visitors to Ireland from all over the world. The main course of the programme will be served up with some delightful treats from around the country as the IRISH TV film crew follow the food producers’ quest for perfection.

“The passion these people have for food is phenomenal. I was amazed by their commitment to quality and attention to detail. The people we spoke to have wonderful stories to tell from small beginnings in country kitchens to the crème de la crème of the international culinary market,” commented programme presenter Pierce O’Reilly.

The programme this week on SKY TV and concludes with some tasty treats and delicious desserts.  Taoiseach Enda Kenny, Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport Leo Varadkar, celebrity cook Darina Allen, Farmer’s Journal editor Matt Dempsey and travel writer extraordinaire Manchan Magan all give their views on the future and importance of the Irish food industry and the critical role that Good Food Ireland plays in its promotion at home and abroad.

The Good Food Ireland Special can be viewed on SKY TV channel 201 and on this coming Thursday, December 15th at 9pm. The programme is repeated on Sunday at 10pm and Monday at 11pm.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Good Food Ireland Announces Kerrygold as Lead Sponsor

Kerrygold is the lead sponsor of the 5th Good Food Ireland Conference and Awards which will take place in Dublin’s Shelbourne Hotel on Tuesday November 22nd. The event will be attended by An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny and Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Leo Varadkar.

“Good Food Ireland has made a significant contribution in promoting Ireland as a destination for good food internationally . I would like to congratulate Margaret Jeffares and the membership of Good Food Ireland for the economic benefit they generate through their businesses’ every day, with their local food philosophy”, says An Taoiseach Enda Kenny T.D.

The international success of Kerrygold has enhanced Ireland’s reputation as a first class food producer. Good Food Ireland’s Conference “Internationalising Irishness” and Awards Ceremony will highlight the value of Ireland’s food as an economic driver for tourism opportunity.

“The Kerrygold brand now in its 50th year has a natural affinity with Good Food Ireland’s aims and ambitions. It has developed huge recognition and built on Ireland’s well founded reputation for natural, pure and traceable agriculture products” says Margaret Jeffares, Managing Director, Good Food Ireland.

Pictured at the announcement  8th November 2011 were Margaret Jeffers, MD Good Food Ireland,  with, from left, Taoiseach Enda Kenny, Kevin Lane CEO and Vincent Buckley, Chairman, the Irish Dairy Board. Pic Iain White/Mac Innes Photography
“Good Food Ireland’s emphasis on promoting high quality Irish food in tourism, both domestically and internationally is an ideal fit and Kerrygold is delighted to sponsor Ireland’s premier food tourism brand” said John Jordan, the Irish Dairy Board’s Customer Foods Marketing Director at the launch.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011



Good Food Ireland has being invited by Irish Thoroughbred Marketing to represent Ireland at The Breeders Cup “Taste of the World” Welcome Party in Louisville, Kentucky on November 3rd 2011. The brainchild of American celebrity chef Bobby Flay, the 15 countries that have won the Breeders Cup will come together to showcase the cuisine of their country.

These include France, Japan, USA, New Zealand, UK, Argentina and Australia amongst others. Good Food Ireland will also be included in the Winners Circle Ceremony for a Breeders Cup world championship race named in honour of the event. Coverage of the Welcome Party will be beamed to millions of people during ESPN’s domestic and international broadcast on Nov 4th and 5th.

“It is a great honour for Good Food Ireland to represent our country at this prestigious event. Ireland’s cuisine is largely driven by local ingredients and seasonal variations and the Good Food Ireland members clearly epitomise the best. The Breeders Cup is an ideal event to promote Ireland’s cuisine and the wonderful food that can be experienced in our network of businesses around the island of Ireland.

It is a primary audience many of whom regularly travel to Ireland for its great thoroughbred industry.  Good Food Ireland is very grateful to Irish Thoroughbred Marketing for affording this opportunity to us. ” say Margaret Jeffares, Founder and Managing Director, Good Food Ireland.

Good Food Ireland member chefs, Ed Cooney, The Merrion Hotel, Dublin and Maurice Keller, Arlington Lodge Country House Hotel, Waterford will showcase Butter Poached Fillet of Clare Island Salmon with a Lemon Oil Dulse, Green Vegetable Broth & Lobster, Traditional Irish Soda Breads, Burren Smokehouse Organic Smoked Salmon and Irish Farmhouse Cheese.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Food Lover’s Choice Award

The Good Food Ireland Conference and Awards Ceremony will take place Tuesday, November 22nd 2011 in The Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin.

Amy White of GFI has been in touch with the news that food lovers can vote, not just in the Presidential election, but in a new Food Lover's Award:
 "We are excited to announce for the first time ever we have created a specific award dedicated to you called the “Food Lover’s Choice Award” where you can vote for your favourite Good Food Ireland business."

"Not only are we recognising the value of you our customers but we are also giving one lucky winner a chance to present the award with An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny at the Awards Ceremony. To ensure your favourite Good Food Ireland business is nominated you can vote by posting your comment to our Facebook Wall or simply email For all your up-to-the-minute news log onto"

Sunday, October 2, 2011


DATE FOR YOUR DIARY – Good Food Ireland Conference and Awards Ceremony will take place on Tuesday, November 22nd in The Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin. For more information and to keep up to date visit -

Monday, May 16, 2011


BRADLEY'S of North Main Street

Bradley's of North Main Street  started life in 1850, as a dairy. A big treat for the ladies at the time was a glass of fresh cream.

Now the shop is well known both as a specialist off-licence and convenience/grocery store. The business may have changed but the treats go on, the latest coming from a group of artisans, most if not all members of Good Food Ireland.

Here today, you can still find a tub of cream and other mouth-watering temptations on the shelves include the ice cream handmade by Baldwins of Waterford  and the well known Seymour Biscuits of Bandon

You might start the day with a choice of granola, either that by Paddy's O'Granola or Wexford’s Staple Diet Breakfast Granola. A cup of coffee? Take home a carton by Fermoy’s Badger and Dodo

Beside, you can spice up your life with Relish and Chutneys by Janet's Country Fayre, G’s Homemade Jams and Relishes , Rebel Chilli Sauces and the famous Ballymaloe Relish . No problem then finding something to go with the Carrigaline Farmhouse Cheeses.

 Bradley’s carry the most extensive range of wines, beers, spirits and liqueurs available in Cork.  “That’s right," says the store's ever present Michael Creedon. “Apart from the brands you expect to find in a quality off-licence, we also carry those you just can’t find anywhere else!   Furthermore, if we don’t stock what you are looking for, we also specialise in sourcing your requests.”

“Maybe you are looking for a wine for your wedding, or that special bottle for a big occasion.  Possibly a chocolate stout is more to your taste, or an after dinner Limoncello.  Whatever it might be, look no further! Next time you are in Cork, please feel free to visit us and browse our shelves.  And if you can’t carry it home, nationwide delivery can be arranged.”