Joys Jams (Inniscarra)


Met Joy from Joy’s Jams at the Ballincollig Farmers Market recently. She makes quite a range of jams but it was the marmalade that I was interested in.

I was looking for what we used to call thick-cut and Joy told me that I was one “of the ten per cent”. She didn’t have any but offered me a nice looking Seville orange marmalade where the peel had been pulped along with the fruit.

I’m trying it out at the moment and it is very enjoyable indeed but the ten per cent are stubborn and I do prefer the product from Nash 19 that has much the same darkish colour but has loads of tasty peel all through.

So Nash 19 takes the honours with Joy’s Jam in second. Other recommended marmalades are Bramley Lodge and Follains.

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