Hudson's Wholefood in Ballydehob

It was very quiet in Ballydehob on Saturday afternoon. “Most of them are away enjoying the sunshine,” said one of the locals.

We were beginning to doubt we’d get as much as a cup of coffee when we spotted the Bridgestone be-decked front wall of Hudson’s Wholefoods.

Between meals at the time, we didn't really study the foods in the shop but could see that there was quite a range. Went to the little cafe at the back where we got our two fine black coffees from the smiling waitress.

Looks likes something of a community information centre as well with loads of leaflets and cards on alternative services in the area.

Enjoyed a bit of down to earth banter (about coffee fashions) as we paid up and headed off into the sun, resisting (barely) the temptation to sit down again after we’d spotted – too late – the sign for organic wine at a fiver a glass!

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