Barry's Tea Ltd in Cork

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Barry’s Tea, founded over one hundred years ago, is one of Cork’s iconic firms, well known nationally. It is served in many top class restaurants, currently advertised by Fenn’s Quay as part of the Dine in Cork week.

Their Original, Classic and Gold Blends are, well, classics of the Irish Tea scene. But the folks at Kinsale don't stand still. New packs, especially the Green Tea range and also the Decaf, are doing well as I can see around this house.

And now there are even newer products on the shelves of your local supermarket. One of these is known as Pu-erh. This is from China and is rich in anti-oxidants. And you also have, from South Africa, an herbal tea called Rooibos. It is naturally caffeine free and, like black tea, can be used with milk. So there you are, two new possibilities from our old friends in the Kinsale Road.

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