Augustine's in Cork


Tempted by the reviews on the six course tasting menu at Augustine’s, now located in the Clarion Hotel (right of photo), we headed for Lapp’s Quay last evening.

In quantity, the six courses would probably equal that of your normal three course meal. But as regards quality, this was something else and worth the 25 euro even if the free glass of wine is no longer available.
Started off with the little glass of Spicy Tomato Consommé. This cold opener was served with some handmade breads, a delicious crispy brown along with a novel and very tasty tomato and fennel.

Next up was the fish course: a fillet of pan seared Sea Bass served with a Vegetable Escabeche. Cooked to
perfection, full of taste, generally gorgeous.

Then came a bowl with something white in the base. The waiter spotted the puzzlement and quickly said ‘just a second’ before filling the cavity with a Wild Mushroom and Truffle Soup. The something white, by the way, was Parmesan Crisp. Delightful.

Now for the Assiette (plate of pork). Well, it was actually a slate (like they use in Les Gourmandises) and on it were scattered rillette of pork and crackling, Confit pork, an apple membreo and parsnip purée. A smashing combination and more substantial that you’d think at first glance.

Then came the cheese course. Just one piece of cheese with a cooked plum. But that cheese was Bleu de Bresse, a pungent cows milk cheese from the same area where the famous AOC Poulet de Bresse comes from. Again, the cheese and the plum were brilliant together providing a few very tasty mouthfuls indeed. The only snag here is that not everyone would eat that type of cheese because of its patches of blue mould.

The finale was a selection of desserts. We had a beautiful Fruit Jelly and a lively Crème Brûlée. The only bum note of the evening was the Bread and Butter Pudding, mainly because of the introduction of chocolate which didn't work for us.

Wine was a sharp refreshing zesty Julio Buchon Sauvignon Blanc (Chile 2009), cost €25.00 per bottle. All in all, it was quite a meal, a very enjoyable experience, in no small measure due to the excellent service. Highly recommended.

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