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Monday, December 19, 2016

Top Posts 2016

Top Posts 2016
from Twisted, Kinsale

The demand for information on new restaurants is, as almost always, reflected in the most popular posts on this site. The list, by the way, is calculated on hits on posts published since 30th November 2015 and is ordered by the amount of hits. That makes the performance of Republic amazing as it was posted just a couple of weeks back. Not all newcomers though as the likes of The Farmgate Cafe and Bunnyconnellan demonstrates. And not all restaurants either as there is room too for the guerrillas of The Sharp Knife. And not all food either: Youghal's Munster Brewery makes the list.

1- Republic (Ballincollig)
2- Munster Brewery (Youghal)

3- The Mews (Kenmare)
The Mews

4- The Old Butter Road Food Trail
5- Supper Club (Kinsale)
6- The Sharp Knife
7- Twisted (Kinsale)
8- Bunnyconnellan (Crosshaven)
9- The Cafe at Stephen Pearce Pottery (Shanagarry)
10- The Old Imperial Hotel (Youghal)
11- The Farmgate (English Market)
12- La Calavera (Douglas)

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Top Posts for Past 24 Months

Top Posts for Past 24 Months
(to end of Nov 2015)
Salmon starter at Blarney's Square Table

Welcome to new entrants including Son of a Bun and Kildorrery’s Thatch & Thyme. Coqbull are still raking in the hits. Hopefully, fire hit Aroi will be up and running soon. Being on the list doesn’t guarantee success. Huguenot and Pho featured here but both have closed down. Our Taste of the Week is proving quite popular with two featured above.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Top Posts for 2014

Top Posts* for Past 12 Months
(to end of December ‘14)

Dessert at Huguenot

At the market in Schull

*Place in rankings determined by number of hits. Readers certainly give new restaurants every chance in the Cork area and they feature in five of the top seven posts. Delighted to see my own list of the top wines well entrenched in the list.