Blarney Castle Gardens

Blarney Castle Gardens

Walk through the artworks. Thursday 26.01.2023 

Juliet by Eamonn Ceannt

Locking Horns by Ester Barrett

Survival by Ester Barrett

Meadow Hare by Ester Barrett

Conical View with Twist by Ken Drew 

Picture Frame by Blessing Sanyanga 

Racebound by Ester Barrett

Ramasses by Nigel Connell Bass

St Hupert's Stag by Ester Barrett

Daffodil Road



Video of daffodils on roadside

Hive in trees

View of castle from Poison Garden

Horses grazing

Seat. Mushrooms.

Friday 13.01.2023

Robin (same bird also below)

Boxed In

Castle and tower

Look closely - green shoots in the box

In Poison Garden

Not quite prim

Ferns get a rise on branch of Castinea Sativa



9th January 2023