Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Taste of the Week. Weekend Deluxe by Ryes 'n Shine Bakery

Taste of the Week 

Weekend Deluxe by Ryes 'n Shine Bakery

"I am passionate about baking and always keen to keep things healthy. Ryes & Shine specialises in sourdough breads and other sourdough goods, often with a twist." That's the brief introduction to Angela Nöthlings, the proprietor of the new-ish bakery called Ryes 'n Shine.

I came across her for the first time last week at her regular Saturday morning stall outside Henchy's Pub at St Luke's Cross in Cork city and she had quite a selection (all the items are sourdough) on sale and a queue soon began to form.

We picked a few items, including what has turned out to be our Taste of the Week, the Weekend Deluxe. It is one of her speciality breads, a mostly white loaf with added wholewheat, it includes walnuts (and or pecans), cranberries (maybe currants, raisins) and 85% chocolate splinters – the perfect and healthy alternative to chocolate croissants! This bread can also be toasted and is a superb weekend breakfast treat. It is great with cheeses such as goats cheese or feta.

I have to admit that this beautiful loaf didn't last too long. Neither did the amazing Cinnamon buns that we bought. Next Saturday can't come soon enough. She probably won't have the Deluxe (made just once a month) but she'll have something equally delicious.

To order, contact Mayfield based Angela Nöthlings on 086-3565036. Also worth checking her Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/ryes.and.shine.cork/
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