Monday, October 10, 2022

Taste of the Week. Woodside Farm Hot Food At Farmers Markets Stall

Taste of the Week

Woodside Farm Burgers & Baps


Woodside Farm, a long-time stall-holder in Mahon Point Farmers Markets and indeed in other local markets, provided our Taste of the Week, in fact more than one taste of the week, from their hot-food section at Mahon last Thursday.

If I have to pick one it is would be the pulled pork bun but the beef burger would be a very close second. Both are very reasonably priced as indeed are all their buns and baps. 

All are cooked and filled in front of you, and there's a chat as well as the salads and relishes are added. And, if necessary, they even provide a tailor-made insulated envelope to take your purchases back to the office or back home as we did.


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Hard to the beat the pork from Woodside owners, Martin and Noreen Conroy, and family. In the bun, it is juicy and tender, with an amazing flavour that is enhanced by the relish. Fantastic treat on a Thursday. 

And, if you prefer beef, then go for that burger as it is also top notch. And if you'd rather something a little lighter, perhaps before lunchtime, well then just check their blackboard for bacon and sausage combinations! While you are there, why not pick up a cut for the weekend. Our favourite is the Pork Shoulder.


“We breed pedigree Saddleback and Pedigree Gloucester Old Spot pigs.They live outdoors all of their lives where they root and forage, they sleep in movable arks on straw bedding.We don't feed our pigs commercial ration instead they are fed mainly rolled wheat and we also grow Kale and Swede Turnip.They are rotated onto fresh pasture regularly.”

Co. Cork

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