Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Taste of the Week. St Tola's Goats Cheese Ash Log

Taste of the Week.

St Tola's Goats Cheese Ash Log

The St Tola Ash Log is a premium product so no wonder that it features in  our Taste of the Week every now and then. It is in the spotlight again this week with a bit of enhancement from other local products.

I bought my cheese at Iago in Princes Street last Saturday morning. A few minutes later, in the English Market, I purchased a bunch of pears from Margo Ann of Roughty Foodie, having no idea at all that both would end up together on the same plate.

The coming together happened on Tuesday evening, following a day trip to Tipperary where I bought a bottle of the Highbank Organic Orchard (Apple) Syrup (the 3rd leg of the amalgamation) at the Apple Farm.

Back from Tipp, and after a satisfying lunch in Mikey Ryan's, we weren't exactly hungry in the early evening but were thinking of a little snack. Say no more. Sliced one of those delicious pears very thinly, sliced the cheese (not very easy to do, it's very crumbly) and layered them in a not very precise way. Then, gently squeezed on a few drops of the syrup and, bingo, we had a superlative Taste of the Week.

The three parts are easy to obtain around Cork city. You can get the Highbank syrup in both Roughty and Bradley's and probably in quite a few other outlets. Just realised there as I was typing that Sean Calder-Potts of Iago is a brother of Rod from Highbank! Small world, but a tasty one!

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