Sunday, February 9, 2020

Delightful Lunch in the Garden Room at Midleton’s Farmgate Restaurant

Delightful Lunch in the Garden Room
 at Midleton’s Farmgate Restaurant

Midleton’s Farmgate Restaurant (and Country Store) is the elder sister of the Farmgate Café in Cork’s English Market. We enjoyed a delightful lunch in their Garden Room during a recent midweek visit.

Thought we’d have no trouble getting a table in midweek. And we didn’t really. But the main dining room was close to full. We were offered a table in the nearby Garden Room - they can roll the top open when the weather is warm - and soon we had lots of company as it rapidly filled up. Even at 2.00pm, or so, when we were leaving, the restaurant was still busy, even a small queue for places. 

A very popular spot and we could see why on our plates. There is an extensive lunch menu here, a lot of reading and, in addition, you’ll also be handed a page of specials. 

Here, the Smoked Salmon and Mussel Linguine in a lemon cream sauce served with garlic bread (14.50) caught my eye. It is only now, as I write this, that I realise both they and I forgot the garlic bread. The main dish was superb, packed with flavour and texture and quite filling, even without the bread.

CL went for the Goat’s Cheese, fresh beetroot, cherry tomatoes, hazelnuts and pomegranate salad, also €14.50, also a special. Honest, local (mostly!) ingredients featured here. Again tidily presented, freshness emphasised, quality and quality in abundance, and very much appreciated by a happy customer.

Indeed, both of us were very pleased with the visit. We had started by sharing a bowl of mussels, from the regular menu, and finished by making a few purchases in the shop where you may buy soups, pestos, coffee, cheese, breads, cakes to beat the band and a whole lot more. They also offer a Take-away lunch.

The Farmgate concept, tried and tested over decades, is based on regional food, supporting in particular local producers. “Cheeses are local; duck is free-range; lamb and beef are locally reared; fish is landed at Ballycotton Pier. These are handled simply, with a minimum of fuss and delivered with an honest simplicity. Our cooking style is a blend of traditional and modern Irish.”

And you’ll see that blend too in the dinner menu. No shortage of traditional choices, such as Roast Chicken (free-range), Roast rack of Lamb and Steaks. Quite a choice of fish dishes also. And lots of specials. A large list of starters also available that might include Pan seared scallops and crispy bacon salad, Clonakilty Black Pudding tart with Hollandaise sauce, and Deep-fried St Killian Camembert with mango and coriander salsa. 

No matter what room you are in, you’ll be well fed here, service is friendly and efficient all through, and you’ll be comfortable also. This town-centre venue is well worth a visit!

Co. Cork.
Tel: 4632771.

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