Monday, February 3, 2020

A Valentine’s Ale brewed in the heart of Ireland. 'Sexy Like A' Chocolate Strawberry.

A Valentine’s Ale brewed in the heart of Ireland

Head Brewer, Roger Rotheroe
Athlone brewer Roger Rotheroe has come up with a sweet potion for your Valentine.

Brand new for St. Valentine’s Day 2020 is a chocolate strawberry cream ale from Dead Centre Brewing in Athlone. Revelling in the name ‘Sexy Like A’, the quirky new brew is a one-off, keg-only limited edition from the innovative brewery.

The unusual name 'Sexy Like A', is a reference to a line from a film called 'Role Models' where Sean William Scott uses the phrase 'sexy like a chocolate strawberry'. Taking it a step further, this beer is 'Sexy Like A' Chocolate Strawberry Cream Ale.

“The Valentine’s Ale is the brain-child of our Head Brewer, Roger Rotheroe”, explains Liam Tutty who founded Dead Centre Brewing just a year ago, “It's a traditional American style beer called a cream ale which doesn't actually contain any cream - instead it's a mild, pale, light-bodied ale which is perfect for showcasing other flavours. In this instance we wanted to create a classic chocolate strawberry character.”
Love potion #???

The 4.8% ale was brewed on the Dead Centre pilot kit (which they use for testing and small batch brewing) in a very small batch of 75 litres. They added white chocolate and milk sugars to the boil to give a subtle undertone of chocolate as well as deliver a creamy mouthfeel to the beer. It contains hops such as Citra and Mosaic which were specially selected to pair with the 11kg of fresh strawberries that were also added to the beer.

‘Sexy Like A’ will be served in in the taproom at Dead Centre Brewing, Custume Quay, Athlone for Valentine’s night and will be served with white chocolate dipped strawberries. If you can’t make that, there is one single keg being distributed. That keg is headed to CarryOut Tyrrelstown in Dublin to be used on their Growler System (a takeaway beer filling system).

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