Fenn's Quay is the place to be

Fenn's Quay is the place to be

Autumn 2011 - Venison, Pumpkin, Red Cabbage, Brussel sprouts...

Mark November 16th 2012 in your diary. 

Fenn's Quay is the place to be that evening. Head Chef Kate Lawlor tells us why: "On that night, Fenn’s Quay will be inviting Seasons Supper Club to Cork after successful runs in Dublin. Former Master Chef contestants Conal and Richie will be taking over my kitchen for the night to serve up a 4 course menu." 

Modest Kate is one of the leading Head Chefs in Cork, Nash 19's Pamela Kelly is another and the duo will be combining their kitchen skills to come up with surprise extra courses. Cost is €40 for the meal (wine not included) and bookings are to be made via bookings@seasonssupperclub.com

Seasons Supper Club is a nomadic pop-up Supper Club run by Bridin Carey, Conal Markey and Richard Speedie. The three cooks met during filming of Masterchef Ireland in 2011 and all share a love of great food in a relaxed atmosphere, where the focus is on the enjoyment of the evening with friends or family. They try to create an environment where the food is only one aspect of a great night out.

All ingredients are sourced locally where possible, and menus are designed based on the season featuring the great produce to be found in Ireland. The cooks work closely with each venue’s Head Chef to design the menu and ensure a memorable night.

To date there have been three nights; two for Autumn 2011 - hosted at Brasserie Le Pont, and one for Winter 2011 at Eden Restaurant. The nights were all sold out and they have had positive reviews in both the Irish Times and Sunday Times, and on popular food blogs around Dublin.

For Autumn 2012, with Bridin on Maternity leave, Conal and Richard are partnering with No.5 Fenn’s Quay in Cork and are also running 2 nights in Dublin, in Medley, by Andrew Rudd, which will be the first non–restaurant events. Both Dublin nights sold out within two days of announcement and Cork is beginning to sell rapidly too.

You can find pictures, previous menus and details of future events here

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