Following a tip-off, I called to the Fota Island Hotel  last Friday to sample their Afternoon Tea. Now, I’m passing on that tip. If you want to treat yourself and your loved one, maybe a pal or a visiting relative, then make a beeline for the Fota Resort and call to the Amber Lounge.

You will be met at the door of the hotel and guided to the lounge and the helpful, friendly and informative staff there will take over, seating you and laying down the table covers, as this is something special.

First comes your tea or coffee. We had tea, well made, and each of us had a separate pot. Then there is a gasp as the three tiered stand holding your goodies arrives at the table.

Let us start at the bottom. Here we have some beautiful Irish breads, topped with the best of beef, an egg mixture and also gorgeous smoked salmon on a well made slice of
brown bread. All six pieces freshly done, all magnificent.

After a suitable pause, we move up to the second rank. Here, to share, we have a brown scone and a fruit scone, both warm and polished off with the butter, home-made real fruit jam and clotted cream. Then three slices of cake for sharing. On Friday, we enjoyed an impressive Walnut, a less impressive Banana and a superb Madeira.

More tea poured and we are ready to move onto to the top rung of temptation: melt slowly in the mouth Jameson Truffle, irresistible Raspberry Mille-feuille, also a splendid Strawberry “cup”, and a classy Irish Coffee Chocolate Mousse, all the creations of their Executive Pastry Chef Rachid.

Now you are full and you say Never Again. But you know you will be back. You’re hooked. How sweet it is!

Afternoon Tea (for 2 people) 25.00
A selection of Open Sandwiches on Irish Breads, Warm Scones, Tea
Cakes, Jameson Truffle, Raspberry Mille-feuille, Irish Coffee Chocolate
Mousse, Seasonal Preserve and Clotted Cream.
Served with your choice of Tea or Coffee