The late Renato Ratti has been credited, at least in Vino Italiano, with being “The Father of Modern Barolo”. He took that wine by the scruff of the neck in 60s and his more accessible style became a hit.
The production of classic affordable Piedmont wines goes on, now under the direction of Pierro Ratti. “..the wines keep getting better” according to Vino Italiano.
Must say I didn’t know much about this producer and their wines until I got a bottle in the Carrigaline premises of Joe Karwig. I’m glad that I did. This was a Barbera d'Alba. The Barbera is the grape variety and the Torriglione on the bottle refers to the vineyards where it is grown.
The colour is an intense Cardinal Red. Remember that
floor polish! Well I do and I think that the colour is even darker. We’ll settle for dark red. The nose is strong on fruits, mainly plum.
This is one mouth friendly wine, introducing itself firmly with a fresh fruity flourish. Quite a robust handshake. It doesn't flatter to deceive as the persistent finish is as amicable as the intro. No shortage of acidity but well balanced and one to buy again. And again. 
Renato Ratti Barbera d’Alba, Torriglione 2009, 14%, Karwig Wines, ****