Now it’s official: I am a
coffee connoisseur. Well, at least, I am a member of the Robert Roberts  Coffee Connoisseur Club. And enjoying the fruits of my subscription.

First packet in the post was Bruzzi from the Cerrado Mineiro region of Brazil. “To brighten up your cold and gloomy January” according to Master Blender Gareth Scully as he brings a bit of Samba into the early weeks of 2011.

The beans are roasted in Dublin and here Gareth explains how and why: To achieve the medium strength we felt would best suit the Bruzzi, the beans were roasted for 11 minutes at 199 degrees with the beans released from the roaster just as the second crack is heard.”

His tasting notes: A distinct sweet aroma and taste, low to medium acidity with chocolaty notes mid-cup, finishing with a creamy caramel smoothness. Roasted medium, the cup will be sweet smooth with notes of chocolate and a creamy finish. Brewed Bruzzi creates a well balanced cup with mild to moderate acidity, to enjoy the coffee’s sweetness.”

I must say I am really enjoying this coffee. It is all Gareth says though I’m not too sure about the sweetness. There is however a distinct lack of any kind of bitterness and it is a really smooth creamy cup with a similar finish. Looking forward to his choices in the months ahead.