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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

"We work on what the year gives us". Evening Visit to Killahora Orchards

"We work on what the year gives us"
Evening Visit to Killahora Orchards

A group of members of the Munster Wine & Dine spent a very enjoyable evening on a tour and tasting at Killahora Orchards near Glounthaune yesterday (Tuesday). Barry was our enthusiastic guide as we got both our whistles and our feet (aside from those who had brought wellies) wet in a most delightful way. 

Some of us had already marked Killahora products, including Johnny Fall Down cider, the Pom 'O Apple Port and their unique Rare Apple ice wine, among our favourite things. Those who hadn't come across them before were converted on this tour and tasting. And Barry (and his cousin Dave) who are responsible for this innovative orchard have more in the pipeline.

For more details on Killahora Orchards please check my January post here. Photos (and a few comments) from Tuesday's tour follow.

Blossom on a very young red fleshed apple tree. Rosé Cider?

Barry (striped top) finds a very stragglers under the crab tree. Lots of chat from Barry including pruning tips
and also the fact that cows don't like tannins!

Spray in the more established but still young orchard. The pears behind have already shed their blossom.

Promise of good things to come

Cork Harbour views from the orchards, above and below

Checking on how the grafts are taking.

Keeping out the rabbits. "We thought at first we and the rabbits
were on the same hymn-sheet but soon found out they
had their own agenda."

In full bloom. Not a crab tree, but a wilding and one of the most promising they found in the hedgerows/
It is coming in for particular attention "grafting the bejasus out of it". "We're going to keep
the wild ones going, to include in our mix."

The tasting line-up (some of it!). "We work on what the year gives us."
"In the cidery, we do as little as possible to it."

Another view of Cork Harbour

This Killahora tree appears on the Pom'O label.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


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Did you know that the Office of Public Works have an orchard at Barryscourt Castle, near Carrigtwohill. It is laid out to a plan typical of those in use in the 16th century. There are records of orchards there since the 13th century.

Now is a good time to visit and see the fruits of so many varieties: including Beauty of Bath, Eight Square, White Russet, Irish Peach, Summer John, Northern Green, Worcester Permaine and many more.

There are also plantings of pears and quinces here. There is a notice board with details of the plants found in and around the castle, including medicinal plants such as mullein and woundwort and herbs such as parsley, “found in a variety probably surviving from the Middle Ages”. Also present is butterbur, which was used to wrap butter for market.

In the bawn of the castle, there is an herb garden and also a knot (box hedge) garden. There is no entry fee to visit the garden (or the castle itself).
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