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Wednesday, November 24, 2010



A few months back, Adam Baker of Roma supplied quite a lot of food bloggers with Roma Pizza and Pasta Flour.

Unfortunately it got side-lined here until relatively recently. But we were delighted when we tackled it. Not just us. There are a few pizza eating twenty somethings around the house and they instantly spotted the difference. This homemade one (mozzarella and salami) was so much tastier.

Fairly easy to do and the results are excellent. Definitely worth a try. The flour is widely available as are a whole range of Roma products.

Whether you take up the pizza (or pasta) making challenge or not, be sure and take a look at the Roma Website at Two cooks are featured here: Catherine Fulvio (well known to most of you) and Gianluca Pardini.

There are loads of recipes. Pasta and Pizza feature of course but there is so much more. The first one I saw was Fillet of Haddock with Patatas Bravas. There is a huge choice and quite a few videos, mainly featuring Catherine, including one where she does one of my favourites: Chicken Cacciatore