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This delicious red carries Vin De France on its label but is none the worse for that! Famille Hubert L’Atypic de Peybonhomme.

Famille Hubert L’Atypic de Peybonhomme (Vin de France) 2021, 12.5% ABV

About €22.00 retail. Stockists: Sonas in Newcastle West, Co. Limerick & Wunderkaffee in Cork along with Mary Pawle

The delicious L'Atypic carries Vin De France on its label but is none the worse for that! 

The Cabernet Franc and Malbec blend may be well regularly used in Argentina but not so much in Bordeaux. And so we get the name, “The Atypic”. This atypical blend also means that it doesn't qualify for AOC and so is sold under the Vin De France designation. None the worse for that!

The colour of this wine is a deep ruby. Aromas are fresh and fruity. And that follows through to the palate, delicious fruity juice (blackberry and cherry) with a pleasant peppery bite. It is well-rounded with soft tannins.

The blend is 60% Cabernet Franc (a grape noted for its freshness) and 40% Malbec. The percentages may not be the same in every vintage. Highly Recommended.

L’Atypic is organic and fermentation is with natural grape yeasts. They say it is bottled early to “keep all the freshness of the fruit”. L'Atypic is raised entirely in concrete (and bottled unfiltered so expect some natural sediment at the bottom of the bottle). Cultivation here, since 2000, follows biodynamic practice. Lots of "hands-on" work involved.

It is not recommended to accompany fish but is otherwise quite versatile at the table (including with Charcuterie platters and tapas) and very enjoyable at the barbecue. Serve slightly chilled at 17-18°C.

The winery itself can be found in the Premières Côtes de Blaye on the right bank overlooking the Gironde estuary. If, like many Irish people, you have holidayed in the Royan area, you may well be familiar with these Famille Hubert wines from Peybonhomme as the vineyard is just 75 minutes or so away.


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