Monday, March 11, 2024

Superb Lunch Dishes And Service At Market Lane

Superb Lunch Dishes At Market Lane
Saturday 9th March 2024

Catalan Suquet fish stew of mussels, squid, hake and smoked haddock with saffron
 and paprika braised potatoes and crusty sourdough

Dal Vada lentil cakes, forbidden rice, cashew yogurt, broccoli,
sweet-pickled cucumber, chutney and dukkah.

 It was a busy Saturday in Market Lane yet the food and the service were superb. With the restaurant packed, the people out front did a magnificent job. Courteous and helpful throughout yet no pressure on the customers to hurry up at all. Indeed, it was more or less the opposite. You are given ample time to decide on your choices and no shortage of helpful info either. No rush but very efficient, so there was no delay and the service overall was as smooth as could be.

The menu is extensive with no less than ten main dishes available. Vegan and vegetarian dishes are marked and there is also a Gluten Free menu (just ask!)
This pic via Market Lane.

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