Monday, September 11, 2023

Sunshine obliges once again as the final day of Feast takes over Midleton's streets.

Sunshine obliges once again as the final day of Feast
 takes over Midleton's streets.

Feast, the East Cork Food Festival, once again drew the crowds to Midleton's main street for its final day last Sunday. And the sun, also an annual visitor, once again turned up (and stayed longer than forecast), as did dozens of providers and thousands of punters, young and old.

There was no shortage of burgers available from the hot food stands that lined the sunny street
but by early afternoon the line at this juice and smoothie stall was the longest in town.

Joe McNamee's Grub Circus pitched up in its usual place on the green and the pre-lunch session was titled Fermentation. Joe's sterling line-up knew the subject well and featured Niamh Hegarty (BKultured), baker Benjamin Le Bon (Seeds bakery, Kinsale/Owner/Operator of Natural Foods Bakery); Dr Fanny Leenhardt Coghlan (, educator and nutritionist), specialising in sourdough breads and heritage wheats); Ramya Balasubramanian (Scientist from APC Microbiome), specialising in gut health and expert on fermented foods from around the world).

If you wanted a seat and table and some tasty grub to enjoy, along with music and drink of course. Then the Sage Courtyard was the place to plonk. Ten euro bought me a bowlful of lamb Tagine and I sampled two of the three Original 7 beers available on tap, the lager and Revolution IPA. Both were excellent with the also excellent tagine though CL gave the nod for pairing to the lager. I should have tried the Wonderland Red Ale as well. Next time!

You just cannot have a festival in these parts without
the marvellous Annie's Roasts and her team. Below, local butcher Jim Crowley's
outstanding burgers are always a festival treat.

Not just humans! Food for doggies gets a look-in.

Delicious beers from Cork's own Orignal 7 brewery in Sage courtyard,
lager (left) and IPA.

Reckon they talking Valentia Vermouth here in Sage.

Crepes were as popular as ever!

Max and Katherine (from Ukraine and currently Trabolgan) were
introducing their Snackuberry (below). Hope to get a little story on this shortly.

Roscoff onions on sale at the West Cork Garlic stall.

Sage was also on the street!

Got some delicious Samosa, Spring Rolls and
Chicken Tikka from the marvellous Spice Genie,
winner of the Battle of the Food Trucks in 2022.
Plan to get a post up on them too!

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