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Scents of the garrigue, sultry heat of a Languedoc summer, make this Fitou a very good one indeed. “Oui, oui! Or should that be “way, way”!

Scents of the garrigue, sultry heat of a Languedoc summer, help make this Fitou a very good one indeed.

“Oui, oui! Or should that be “way, way”!

Cascatel Prieur De Berre Fitou (AOP) 2020, 14% ABV, €16.00 Bubble Brothers.

Fitou is a village close to the Mediterranean coast in southern France's Languedoc-Roussillon wine region. The village name has been given to the red wine appellation.

Carignan and Grenache are the main grapes in Fitou and the duo must account for 60% of any blend.  Syrah (as is the case here) and Mourvedgre may make up to a maximum of 20%. The blend here is Carignan 50%, Grenache Noir 35% and Syrah 15%.

The colour is a dark ruby. There are hot toasty scents of the garrigue, quite intense, red fruits, and some spice too.  Much of that makes it through to the palate which is fresh, full and generous. The finish is elegant, more so than you'd expect.

The producers are thrilled with it. “A modern wine of harmony and perfect balance. This ready-to-drink cuvée will continue to improve for a few years in the cellar.”

Importers Bubble Brothers put it well: ”The sultry heat of a Languedoc summer concentrated into a smooth, beguiling red…. Not quite a holiday in a bottle, but definitely a mini-break!”

Billy Forrester, founder of the Cork company, commented (via Instagram): "We’re very happy to work with @cascastel_vignerons_artisans for just that reason—a flavour of the Languedoc whatever the dish.

Isn’t the decanter great? If you’d said it was a classic from the Wine Geese era I’d nearly have believed you. Bravo @newbridgesilverware." 

Highly Recommended.  And well priced too, just like the decanter!


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The duck decanter in the top pic was bought during a recent visit to Newbridge Silverware. Be sure and try the restaurant while you are there and also the Museum of Style Icons. More details of my visit here.

Established on April 28, 1948, the Fitou appellation is the oldest and most renowned in Languedoc. The vineyard is made up of a multitude of small plots reclaimed from the scrubland (garrigue). A hot, dry and windy climate allows perfect ripening of the berries and provides excellent sanitary conditions.

“The word 'garrigue' refers to the heady scent of the mix of herbs and shrubs found everywhere in the arid, wild scrublands of the Languedoc. …In our part of Southern France, the garrigue is mostly made up of wild herbs like lavender, thyme, sage and rosemary and the aromas scent the air, especially during the summer months. So can garrigue impart a taste into the red wines, and, if so, how?”

The quote is from the vineyard blog (by Neasa) of Laurent Miquel. More on the garrigue by Neasa here. 

You just cannot miss the garrigue around here: you see it, you smell it, you hear it. I once spent a holiday near Narbonne, quite close to Fitou and, believe or not, our gite owner was a Madame Garrigue.

What you’ll also notice here is the local accent of the people of the Languedoc. You’ll wait in vain for someone to say “oui, oui” but you’ll know everything is okay when you hear a hearty “way, way”!

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