Monday, September 18, 2023

Starry Starry Wine. A Very Highly Recommended Verdejo.

 Starry Starry Wine. A Very Highly Recommended Verdejo.

Pago Del Cielo Celeste Verdejo Rueda (DO) 2021, 13% ABV. 

€17.95 Bradley’s, Cork.

Our Verdejo has a brilliant pale gold colour. We were expecting fennel and green almonds in the aromas. One of us got the first but not the second while it was the other way around with the other side of the table! There is also a slight waft of floral notes. No shortage of flavour on the palate, (pineapple and pear), followed by a spray of lemon in the long and refreshing finish.

Really very happy with this refreshing wine. Very Highly Recommended. And very good value too by the way.

Torres is enthusiastic: “Produced at our winery in Villafranca del Duero, using a selection from our Verdejo parcels near the Duero River that offer more aromatic intensity and freshness.”

Pago Del Cielo, a Torres company, is a wine project that spans two privileged Spanish wine regions steeped in tradition, committed to quality, and with a deep passion for winemaking – Ribera del Duero and Rueda. The Rueda site is exceptionally picturesque and produces white wines that explore the most distinctive and authentic traits of the Verdejo variety.


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Celeste Verdejo is a modern-style wine, fresh, and intensely aromatic. The estate-owned vineyards are handled with great care and respect in order to give this wine greater complexity and highlight the character of the variety from this particular zone.  Its altitude, relief, gravelly soils, and continental climate make this an ideal region in which to make white wines, especially from the Verdejo variety.

The more we care about the earth, the better our wine. That is the Torres motto that I first heard in 2015 and it was underlined in this Verdejo. So whether it is improving sustainability (turning vine cuttings into a source of energy) or using solar panels or organic viticulture or their long-time commitment to fair trade, Torres contribute wherever they are, from Chile to California to Catalonia. The earth could do with more families and more companies like this.

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